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Ask DZ: What Do You Like to See in a Software Engineer Job Posting?

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Ask DZ: What Do You Like to See in a Software Engineer Job Posting?

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I've always been curious to see job descriptions when someone reaches out to me about software engineer (or related) positions. Most of them don't really have anything uncommon, but sometimes you see something in them that could be an indication of the company's philosophy on software development and what they value.

For instance,

  • "Write code that is art": this is the first time I've seen (or perhaps noticed) 'art' in a job description. (see my post Software As Art) It may indicate a team/company/manager that values spending time to refactor and polish code.

  • "Professional and Technical Competencies": it's good to see the word "professional", as that could indicate that this company doesn't propagate any amateurish practices.

  • "Use SOLID design principles and patterns.": this means, first of all, that someone at that company knows design principles. Points for that. And they seem to value them. So bandaid code will probably be detected and not encouraged.
If I have to write a job description in the future, I know that I will put some of these small signs in the text to those who are paying attention and looking for them.

What Do You Like to See in a Software Engineer or Front-End Development Job Posting?

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