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AsK DZ: Will Java Make a Comeback?

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AsK DZ: Will Java Make a Comeback?

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An interesting prediction of a Java resurgance in web development came from the "I, Cringely" blog.  The post was entitled: "The second coming of Java" and here was what author Bob Cringely's theory boiled down to:

Ruby is easier than Java.  It runs something like seven times slower but who cares?  We’re still waiting for the database... When SSDs gain enough capacity there will be a shift from the Ruby world back to the Java world...  the statement “Ruby is incredibly slow but I don’t care because my database is slower” will no longer be true. At that point Ruby (Python, Groovy, you name it) becomes the bottleneck.

-Robert Cringely


I know I'm asking a slightly biased crowd here ;) but what do you think of Cringely's theory?  Are Ruby, Python, and Groovy doomed in the coming solid-state takeover?  Will Java be the language that makes a comeback, or will .NET or something new take a leading role?

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