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ASP.NET jQuery Cookbook - Review

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ASP.NET jQuery Cookbook - Review

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In the past few months I was working as a technical reviewer on ASP.NET jQuery Cookbook with Packt Publishing. This was my first experience to work directly with the book development team and I must say I had a great time working with Packt Publishing team and I am really looking forward for more similar engagements in the future.

Now, lets get back to the book…

As the book title refers, it’s aimed for all of you who want to learn how to work and integrate jQuery in your ASP.NET Web sites and web applications. Since it is a cookbook, all the chapters are completely practical, so before start reading it, prepare yourself with VisualStudio.NET or Visual Web Developer.NET and get the jQuery library v1.4.1 or higher.

What’s the best about this book is that you can use it as an excellent reference in your everyday’s work. You will find that all recipes in each chapter show ways how to solve real practical problems when using together ASP.NET and jQuery.

The book contains nine chapters and total of 308 pages.

Complete list of chapters:

Chapter 1: Working with ASP.NET Controls
Chapter 2: Validation of ASP.NET Controls
Chapter 3: Working with GridView Control
Chapter 4: Working with Image Control
Chapter 5: Animations in ASP.NET
Chapter 6: AJAX and ASP.NET (Part I)
Chapter 7: AJAX and ASP.NET (Part II)
Chapter 8: Client Templating in jQuery

You have the Chapter 9: Creating Rich Content in ASP.NET available to read for free.

Book Details
Language : English
Paperback : 308 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : April 2011
ISBN : 1849690464
ISBN 13 : 978-1-84969-046-1
Author(s) : Sonal Aneel Allana

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I would personally like to recommend this book to everyone, no matter of your level of experience with ASP.NET or jQuery technology. The author goes step by step in each example, providing screenshot for each next step and source code you can simply run by copy/paste and see what happens. I must say that besides the practical examples for a cookbook, you will find that there is enough theoretical explanation for the provided recipes, which will make you follow the entire book chapters and recipes easily even if you are complete beginner with ASP.NET and jQuery.

Don’t forget to send me your feedback once you read the book or even the sample Chapter 9: Creating Rich Content in ASP.NET which you can access it for free.

Read more on the following link: https://www.packtpub.com/asp-net-jquery-cookbook/book


Update: Now you have Chapter 5: Animation Effects in ASP.NET using jQuery online for free in Packt Publishing website. 


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