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Today Scott Guthrie announced the availability of ASP.NET MVC3 Beta 1.  Each release of ASP.NET MVC builds on the one before and adds more features and coolness.  I really like where the team is taking ASP.NET MVC and I really enjoy using it over Web Forms for almost any project.

My favorite feature so far about MVC3 is the new Razor view engine.  When working with the existing WebForms view engine it was nice at first because was familiar yet different.  I got to use the new framework that gave me the separation of concerns and development model I wanted, without at the same time forcing me to learn a new presentation system.  Before Razor, there were several other view engines available and you can write your own if you want to.  The one I hear the most about is Spark.

Before MVC3 and Razor, if you wanted to use a different view engine you had to do all the work of wiring it up yourself but with MVC3, you can now select which view engine you want, which is pretty cool.  I'll not go into how to use Razor, Scott Guthrie did an awesome job with that on his blog:

Among some of the other features I am happy to see is the helper methods and the baked in dependency injection.  I haven't worked with the dependency injection tools so much, but I am glad to see it included so that more developers start using them.

You can download ASP.NET MVC3 Beta 1 via the Platform Installer if you want to give it a spin.  It was a seamless upgrade for me and the project I was working on with the first preview worked fine after the upgrade.

Also announced today was NuPack, a RubyGem like package manager for OSS and beta 2 of ASP.NET WebMatrix.

I have also posted a poll about ASP.NET MVC view engines and which ones you use.  Check it out and vote!

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