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ASP.NET WebForms: New Shiny Things

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ASP.NET WebForms: New Shiny Things

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Last year I had concentrated completely on Open Data Protocol and had written blog posts pertaining to OData. This year I was looking out for broader areas where I can start contributing to the community. And being an MVP in ASP.NET area I haven’t written much on ASP.NET technologies. So this year I will be writing about ASP.NET technologies i.e. the whole breadth of ASP.NET technologies which include WebForms, MVC, WebPages, WebApi etc.

In August 2012 Microsoft released .NET framework version 4.5 and lot of goodies came along with that. One such area of ASP.NET which got the goodies is WebForms technology. ASP.NET WebForms is one of the stable web technology stack on .NET now. It has seen almost 10 years of adoption now. So as part of 4.5 WebForms has got a lot of improvements. This post is a prelude to series of posts I intend to write to cover all the good things WebForms has now.

ASP.NET WebForms 4.5 has the following shiny things added. They are:

  • Model Binders
  • Strongly Typed Binding Expressions
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript for client side validation
  • HTML encoded data binding expression
  • Fallback support for CDNs in ScriptManager
  • Support for HTML5 form types
  • Friendly URLs

As you can see a lot of good stuff getting into ASP.NET WebForms. This year I attended the Global MVP Summit held at Bellevue, Seattle and was able to meet most of the ASP.NET team members like Scot Hanselman, Scot Hunter, Damian Edwards, Eilon Lipton. When asked about the fact about MVC getting a lot of attention and is WebForms losing interest – one point was clear from their answers that Microsoft is bringing lot of MVC goodness back to WedForms. The Model binding concept is already present in MVC and is being brought to WebForms now. So Microsoft will continue to invest in WebForms – the mature and stable web technology stack on .NET platform.

I will start diving into each topic in next blog posts to come. If you are excited and interested in WebForms like me – stay tuned.

Till next time – Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.


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