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Atomist: Streaming, Coding, Sharing [Video]

For those who missed it, we have this video of one developer showing off some of the great features that Atomist offers.

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It's hard to explain in a few minutes why Atomist is important, to the software industry and to me. The other day my friend Avdi sat down to find out, and to code together. We streamed this on Twitch.

I show my Atomist software delivery machine in-progress, with all the troubles I'm currently fighting with. It turns into an illustration of many of the ways programming is hard, plus discussions of ideas, as most of my days do. We talk about the Software Delivery Machine and API for Software at 19:37, Atomist fingerprints at 21:08, goal sequencing at 32:35, choosing goals per push at 34:20, local mode at 36:22, GraphQL at 46:10, and a bunch of other stuff in between. Then we continue some of my own work, and in the end, find and fix a frustratingly trivial library bug. Bet you can spot it before we do.

For the record, I figured out that Htmlproofer error a few days later (that process is also on Twitch). That microgrammar PR is now merged.  You can see the Slack channels we're looking at in Atomist community Slack. And you can play along with me as I work on my Twitch channel.

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