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August in Agile: Programming Languages, Good Reads, and Career Preparedness

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August in Agile: Programming Languages, Good Reads, and Career Preparedness

This post is a quick look at the best articles on DZone over the past month, as well as relevant jobs and publications from DZone.

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In this quick rundown, we go over the best articles and publications on DZone and elsewhere that discuss Agile processes, and look at some relevant jobs. 

Be a Nimble Dev and Check Out These Agile Articles 

  1. How to Prepare Yourself for Any Future Programming Career - DZone MVB John Sonmez discusses how people can best prepare themselves for the dynamic field software development. His main piece of advice: specialize in something, and stick with it.
  2. The Burden of Being a Senior Developer - First-time contributor Chimela Caesar came out swinging with this great article on how senior developer is a state of mind and level of experience and skill, rather than simply a title.
  3. What is Software Architecture in Scrum? - Hailing from Chile, contributor Pablo Cruz Navea has been adding some spice (get it?) to the Agile space with this article on whether Scrum teams are responsible for creating the architecture for their software, and its documentation.
  4. 20 Essential Software Development Books to Read - Frequent contributor Ekaterina Novoseltseva shares 20 great reads that all software developers should read to hone their craft.
  5. What Programming Language Should I Learn Next? (2017 Edition) - DZone MVB Adam Bard discusses which programming language you should learn based on the goals you want to accomplish.

Best From the Rest

  1. Software Development Terms Applied to Home Construction by David Koontz, August 29, 2017.

  2. Measuring Improvement by Dave Nicolette, Leading Agile, August 31, 2017

  3. Software Development Conferences Forecast August 2017 by Methods & Tools Editor Team, August 29, 2017.

Find Your Next Great Agile Gig: 

Java Software Developer 
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada 
Experience: 3+ years experience in Java development, as well as experience in working in an Agile Software Development Lifecycle. This role is housed within a face-paced Agile development environment. 

Principle Endpoint Software Engineer
Carbon Black, Inc.
Location: Remote 
Experience: 5+ years of experience in developing software of macOS. Experience working collaboratively and with Agile methodologies and supporting infrastructures. You will be expected to participate in Agile processes, including Scrum, and to have a general understanding of Sprint workflows and responsibilities. 

Take a Deeper Dive Into Agile With Our Publications

  1. Getting Started With Git Refcard: The De Facto Standard for Version Control by Matthew McCullough and Kurt Collins.

  2. Continuous Delivery Refcard: Patterns and Anti-Patterns in the Software Lifecycle by Paul Duvall. 

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