August in IoT: The Deluxe Edition

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August in IoT: The Deluxe Edition

This month in IoT, see how JavaScript and Go compare, check out alternatives for Arduino IDE, and learn about the need for better analytics capabilities.

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Happy Augu-, er... September, everyone! It's been a busy month at DZone, so I'm playing a bit of catch-up with the month's IoT recap. Instead of doing a Tinkerer's Edition or an EveryTHING Else, I figured I'd just take a look at the cream of the crop this month to see what IoT news, tutorials, and opinion pieces you should be aware of!

The theme this month? I wouldn't say there's a consistent one, but there was a lot of good information in the general IoT space. From Arduino IDE alternatives to smart home platforms to JavaScript vs. Go for IoT, there's a lot of good, general pieces ready for your reading.

Connecting You With What's Cool

  1. 10 Arduino IDE Alternatives to Start Programming, by Francesco Azzola. Looking for an alternative to the standard Arduino IDE for your next project? Check out this post on the top ten Arduino IDE alternatives to learn more.
  2. Building DevOps Workflows for an IoT App, by Vladimir Fedak. IoT is growing fast, but still deals with less-than-ideal tools. Let's see if automating DevOps workflows for IoT can help solve this problem.f
  3. Things to Remember When Becoming an IoT Developer, by Hemendra Singh. Thinking about becoming an IoT developer? Check out this checklist on the top things to consider when beginning IoT projects.f
  4. Deep Learning KSQL UDF for Streaming Detection of MQTT IoT Sensor Data, by Kai Wähner. Want to learn more about how to build a hybrid for machine learning? Check out this post on using Apache Kafka and sensor data for streaming MQTT detection.
  5. What Smart Home IoT Platform Should You Use? By Chris Ward. Wondering which IoT devices you need for your home? Check out this guide of the different types of IoT platforms to connect the devices in your home!

By the way, if you're interested in writing for your fellow DZoners, feel free to check out our Writers' Zone, where you can also find some current hot topics and our Bounty Board, which has writing prompts coupled with prizes.

IoT Around the Web

JavaScript vs. Golang for IoT

Well, hopefully that caught your attention. Here's an interesting piece on IoT for All that compares JavaScript (Node.js, really) vs. Go for IoT development. I like that it specifically considers the environment for this battle. IoT has some unique use cases — and its own interesting blend of challenges. This piece takes all of that into consideration as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the languages themselves.

IoT and the Analytics Shortfall

In most industrial/commercial IoT systems, the real goal is data. Sure, tinkering with a Raspberry Pi can be fun, but the money is in realms of predictive analytics, connected supply chains, and other Industrial Internet initiatives. And that's where IoT hits a problem, at least according to Jon Gold from Network World — the backend analytics capabilities for IoT systems just haven't kept pace. Take a look at what he has to say, as well as how lessons learned from machine learning can help.

5 Challenges for Embedded Software Devs

Normally, I'd find an interesting project to put here for the builders out there, but I think I'm going to go with something broader. If you love working in the embedded realm, here's a cool post from DesignNews that looks at five sticking points waiting for you in IoT systems. There are going to be some familiar culprits there (I'm looking at you, IoT security), but there were a couple of well-thought-out points that don't usually make it into these kinds of lists.

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