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This Month in Web Dev: To Angular and Beyond!

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This Month in Web Dev: To Angular and Beyond!

Okay, not really beyond, 'cause we're going to be talking about nothing but Angular today. But you will learn all you need to know to get an Angular app up and running.

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After perusing the statics of our Web Dev Zone, what really struck me was how many of you were interested in learning to develop in Angular. So, for this iteration of This Month in Web Dev, I've collected articles from DZone on Angular JS, 2, and 4 (because to hell with Angular 3, it was terrible), and some resources from the Angular team themselves (because who could say it better?). And, if you're looking for a great job that relies on your knowledge of the Angular framework, I've included a few open roles that you can view at DZone Jobs

Oh, and one more quick thing. If you're interested in contributing to DZone but have a bit of writer's block, check out our list of prompts here! Okay, now, let's get Angular. 

The DZone Angle: It's Acutely Awesome

  1. Angular 2 vs. Angular 1: Key Differences by Eelco Muller. An oldie but a goodie, this article breaks down the differences between AngularJS and Angular 2, such as their uses of dependency injection, directives, and the introduction of TypeScript in Angular 2. 

  2. Angular-2 and Spring Boot: Development Environment Setup for Full Stack Developers by Amith Rathi. This article shows how you can use Angular to create a new project with a small team, and scale up as your grow, adding frontend and server side teams. 

  3. AngularJS: Single Page App With RESTful APIs and Spring MVC by Ajitesh Kumar. Learn to create a single page web application from scratch, with these three powerful technologies. 

  4. Tutorial: How to Create a Responsive Website With AngularJS by Andrey Prikaznov. A blast from the Angular past, but still extremely popular, this article shows you step-by-step how to create your own application using AngularJS, by taking you through all the necessary HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a few finishing touches. 

  5. Creating Your First Angular 4 App Using Angular IDE by Dmitry Karpenko. Learn how to use the latest and greatest iteration of Angular with this helpful and well-written article. In just a few minutes, you can go from zero to a fully functional (though simple) web application. 

What the Angular Team Has to Say

  1. Taking Advantage of the Angular Material Datepicker by Miles Malerba. A member of the Angular engineering team explains how to integrate the datepicker functionality their team has come up with into your web application. 

  2. The State of CSS in Angular by Stephen Fluin. A member of the Angular team at Google explains the various ways developers can utilize CSS in their Angular-based projects, to make them really pop! 

  3. Angular Documentation - Have you loved reading through all the articles from DZone contributors and the team at Google about Angular? Take a gander at the documentation and get started on your own Angular application today!

Find Your Next Great Web Dev Gig

Web Architect
CSG International
Location: Chicago, IL, United States
Experience: 8+ years of development experience with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, C#, .NET, and JSON. Experience with JavaScript and JavaScript-based frameworks, preferably Angular, is required. 

Full Stack Python Developer
Location: Tartu, Estonia 
Experience: Work to develop, maintain, scale and optimize Nevercode's services, integrate developer tools, and maintain APIs. Several years' experience with object-oriented programming, Python, and Django. Experience with Angular, or another JavaScript MVC framework, is a plus. 

DZone Publications on Angular 

AngularJS Refcard by Gil Fink. In this Refcard you will get to know the essential parts of AngularJS. The Refcard will also try to help you speed up your development process when you use AngularJS.

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