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Auto-Generating Spring Security Tutorial: Memory Realms

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Auto-Generating Spring Security Tutorial: Memory Realms

Here is a look at some of the tools available for generating Spring security configurations.

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I created a demo spring boot application under github.com/farrelmr/parkrunpbreboot.


The application is simple and allows your to predict your 5km running time based on previous parkrun performances. For those who don't know what a parkrun is, it's a free 5km timed run held weekly in an increasing number of places.

Security Requirements

The site has the following links and security requirements:

http://localhost:8080/ Accessible to all
http://localhost:8080/webjars Static Resources – Accessible to all
http://localhost:8080/about.html Static page – Accessible to all
http://localhost:8080/login.html Accessible to all
http://localhost:8080/admin/ Admin User

Accessible to all

We also have a requirement to use a memory realm with the structure –

admin admin admin

Getting Started

The first thing we need to do is uncomment spring security in the maven pom –


We can now begin to create our SecurityConfiguration using:



Memory Realm with Basic Authentication

The first step is to configure the memory realm. The other security options are Default JDBC, and LDAP, and will be covered in later tutorials


The code is available on gist.

We can then copy the generated code to com.glenware.springboot.SecurityConfig, and test the application. The whole application is secured, with the password admin/admin.

We now get the default login page:

Image title

Fine Tuning

We can now fine tune the requirements:


Again, the code is available on gist.

This allows free access to the site, except for the admin sections as required. We also now have a formatted login page.


The above tutorial shows how a menu driven application can automatically and simply provide your spring security. The next areas of work are to improve JDBC and REST functionality.

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