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Automated Notification of Plugin Portal Update Center Verification

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Automated Notification of Plugin Portal Update Center Verification

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I had submitted my regexplugin for verification to get accepted in Plugin Portal's Update Center, following the steps described by Geertjan in his blog post.

Here's the verification page:

I had requested it on June 6th and it has been just 2 days. I understand such process takes time.

But there was no way of getting notified when you get any acceptance / rejection. No updates of any status change. Not email nor RSS.

So created my own way:

I just created a dapper.net dapp, which scrapes that page and checks for updates periodically. It checks every hour if any of the status fields have "Go", and will email me whenever there is a change.

You can use the above dapp to even put a badge showing your plugin's status update on your blog, or add it to your feed reader as RSS ;)

It has variable input field for plugin verification page, so you can use above dapp for any plugin..

Just my 2 cents.


I just received an update notification by email ;) .. take a look:

Dear angadsingh,

You asked to be alerted when:

any occurences of "Verification Status" equal "Go"

You can see the page that met these conditions here:

The fields that met the conditions had the following values:

Verification Status:


You can manage your alerts at:

Thank you for using Dapper!

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