Your Guide to Automated Testing [Articles and Tutorials]

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Your Guide to Automated Testing [Articles and Tutorials]

Learn all about what Automation Testing is, what tools are available, and how to become the best tester you can be!

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It's time to automate you testing process!

What Is Automated Testing?

DZone Refcard: Automated Testing: Improving Application Speed and Quality —
 Learn more about mobile testing in Kotlin, go beyond what Selenium provides for web application testing, and take a deep dive into trends such as Behavioral-Driven Development and Visual Regression.

Getting Started With Automated Testing by Jason Simon — A breakdown of all the information about Automated Testing into more digestible pieces to make it easier for you to replicate.

DZone's Guide to Automated Testing: Your End-to-End Ecosystem — Learn the key principles of chaos engineering, discover strategies for maintaining and scaling your end-to-end testing, and explore best practices for test-driven development.

A Complete Guide to Test Automation Frameworks by Mitul Makadia — A definition of test automation, a description of the different frameworks, and the major components of ideal test automation frameworks.

The What, Why, and How of Automation Testing by Jaswant Kaur — How to plan and execute automation testing; including choosing the right tool, defining the scope of automation, and test execution.

Introducing Automation in Software Testing Best Practices by Himani Kankaria — This article covers what teams expect out of software testing, how automation can be introduced into traditional testing practices, and more.

[Podcast] Testing Automation for Software Quality by Mush Honda — A podcast that looks at the evolution of automation testing. They also discuss whether a whole team is necessary when approaching test automation.

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You need these tools in your toolbox.

Tools for Automated Testing

Test Automation Essentials: What's Really Needed to Get Started by Cynthia Dunlop — Test automation is essential in modern software development. Find out what you need for successful implementation.

14 of the Best Automation Testing Tools Available Today by ATC Team — The list of automation testing tools you never realized you needed! The list includes things like the IBM rational functional tester, TestComplete, and Ranorex.

Best Automated Testing Tools for Continuous Testing by Liezett Dorado — A description of testing tools, what features they have, and how they can help you achieve continuous testing.

How to Test the Test Automation Framework: Types of Tests by Anton Angelov — Even your automation testing framework needs to be tested. Find out how.

Best Automated Testing Tools (Top 10) for DevOps and Continuous Delivery by Lavanya C — A compilation of testing tools that allow for continuous testing. Some key players include Selenium with Robot framework, Testsignma, and IBM Rational Functional Tester. 

Top 6 Complete Automation Testing Solutions by Rafaelo Condret — These solutions are key when using automation testing. Some examples include Testerum, Katalon Studio, and SoapUI.

A Complete Guide to Test Automation Frameworks by Mitul Makadia — Find out how to test faster, easier, and more efficiently. It defines and details tool-centered frameworks, project-oriented frameworks, and keyword-driven frameworks.

Top 12 Browser Capability Testing Tools for Developers by Jaswant Kaur — Test your app's compatibility with various browsers using tools such as LambaTest, Experitest, and Functionize.

Top 10 Automated Software Testing Tools by Pratik Satasiya — Another list of automated software testing tools, including gems like Selenium, TestingWhiz, and HPE Unified Functional Testing.

Keys to Automation Testing by Tom Smith — Save time and improve quality while realizing the goals and objectives of the organization with these key benefits of automated software testing.

Best Automation Testing Tools for 2018 by Brian Anderson — Software development is still evolving, so your testing tools should be as well. Upgrade your toolset by checking out the features of these popular frameworks.

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Become a better tester with these resources.

Be the Best Tester You Can Be

7 Quick Steps to Become a Great Automation Testing Engineer by  — Ways to become the best testing engineer you can be. It includes tips like not ignoring manual testing and brushing up on your technical programming skills.

Starting Automation Testing From Scratch? Here Is What You Need To Know! by Sadhvi Singh — A guide on the who, what, when, where and why of test automation for a DevOps infrastructure. This article outlines why there is a hesitation when switching from manual to automation testing and why you should switch.

DZone's Guide to Automated Testing: Facilitating Continuous Delivery —Learn when to implement test-driven development, how to automate mobile UI testing, how to use natural language processing to write automated tests in plain English, and much more.

How to Select the Best Automation Testing Tool by Veethee Dixit — Discusses in detail how to make your selection when it comes to choosing an automation testing tool, as well as, the importance of selecting the best automation testing tool.

A Comparison of Automated Testing Tools by Vu Nguyen — The strengths and weaknesses of automation testing tools like Katalon Studio, Selenium, and HP Unified Functional Testing.

A Guide to Test Automation Types, Tools, and Benefits by Praveen Mishra — You don't have to do the heavy lifting alone! Find out which test cases need to be automated and the process of automation.

The Future of Automated Testing by Tom Smith — Tom Smith talked to 31 industry executives to learn about using AI/ML to improve the automated testing process on several fronts.

Accelerate Software Testing by Sharing Test Assets Across Dev and Test Teams by Jamie Motheral — You can accelerate testing to keep up with development by simply reducing rework across functional testing and improving collaboration across teams...if you have the right tool.

Is Automated Testing the Right Choice?

What's the Difference Between Automated Testing and Manual Testing? by Whitney Donaldson — What are the pros and cons of manual versus automated testing and when you should use each method.

Benefits of Automated Testing by Tom Smith —Read about more than a dozen benefits to automated testing being seen in six key industries according to industry executives.

Automated Testing vs. Manual Testing: What's the Best Approach For You? by Ramit Dhamija — Do you know when to use each? Find out the difference between the two and when each is appropriate. It also includes the types of manual testing that can be executed automatically.

Automated Testing Considerations by Tom Smith — Fourteen IT professionals intimately familiar with automated testing were asked, "What are the keys to using automated testing to improve speed, quality, and security?"

22 Reasons Why Test Automation Fails For Your Web Application by Ramit Dhamija — Take a step back from your failed tests and find out what's going on. It could be impractical expectations, attempting to automate too much, or even improper management.

17 Key Benefits Of Automation Testing For A Successful Release by Smriti Arya — A list of benefits of automation testing, including scheduling your test execution, easy regression testing, and your test is easily reusable. 

Testing With Selenium

Learn How to Automate Browser Testing With Selenium WebDriver — Part 2 by Khaja Moizuddin — This tutorial continues explaining the use of Selenium 2.0 for automated browser testing of your application with Selenium WebDriver.

Automated Testing With JUnit and Selenium for Browser Capability by Sadhvi Singh —Learn how to implement automated testing with JUnit and Selenium for enhanced browser compatibility.

Is Selenium Still The Best Test Automation Tool? by Rosalind Franklin — Just because it's the most popular, doesn't mean that it is the best. This article highlights the advantages and challenges of using Selenium.

Selenium WebDriver for Cross-Browser Testing, Part 1 by Harshit Paul — This look at Selenium WebDriver will help you develop the basic understanding of the components of the Selenium suite, Selenium WebDriver architecture, and show you how to run automated tests for cross-browser compatibility.

Automated Cross-Browser Testing With Protractor and Selenium by Muthuraja 'Kumar —A look into how to use these two popular testing frameworks to test web applications, with special attention paid to Angular-based apps.

11 Reasons To Use Selenium for Automation Testing by Jaswant Kaur — A list of all the advantages for using Selenium (popularity aside). Some reasons include language and framework support, and open-source availability.

Selenium Automation Testing With LambaTest by Saif Sadiq — Performing Selenium automation with LambaTest Selenium Grid and understanding the capabilities of the LambdaTest Selenium Grid.

Top 11 Challenges in Automation Testing Using Selenium by Akshay Pai — On the flip side, this article details the challenges associated with Automation Testing in Selenium and gives methods for overcoming them.

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This is how cool you can be with automated testing!

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