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Automatic Dogfooding: Gradle and DeployGate for Android Apps

A recent blog post from Michael Barany at Snap Interactive provides a tutorial on using DeployGate (and its Gradle Plugin) to automate the dogfooding process for Android apps. If you've had the experience of manually loading your app on people's devices for testing, it's easy enough to imagine how tiresome that can become, especially in larger-scale situations where dogfooding is most useful. 

For a quick idea of how DeployGate works, check out their intro video:

The process with Gradle and DeployGate is relatively straightforward, and Barany's tutorial covers a few pitfalls that might present themselves, so for anybody interested in automated dogfooding, the strategy seems like a good one.

Check of the full post for the tutorial, and maybe you can finally stop plugging in your phone all the time.

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