Avoid Passing Security Credentials to GitHub

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Avoid Passing Security Credentials to GitHub

A simple tool to prevent users from committing sensitive information in GitHub commits.

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Your AWS account is a valuable target for bad guys. With access to your security credentials, an attacker is potentially able to steal sensitive data, utilize your resources, or sabotage your infrastructure.

Two years ago AWS and their customers observed that bad guys started to crawl public GitHub repositories for security credentials that would grant them access to AWS accounts. Turns out even the most cautious engineer commits secrets to public GitHub repositories from time to time. We are all humans!

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When working with one of our consulting clients to increase the security of their environment, we found a helpful tool to prevent users from adding secrets to their Git repositories: git-secrets.

git-secrets allows you to create hooks for your local repositories. Should you ever try to commit security credentials the commit will fail.


The following steps will download and install the latest version of git-secrets.

git clone https://github.com/awslabs/git-secrets  
cd git-secrets  
make install  


git-secrets allows you to search for any secrets. You are able to add custom providers or use the pre-defined provider to scan for AWS security credentials.

git secrets --register-aws --global  

You are not done yet! Next you need to add hooks to all your local repositories.

cd /path/to/repository  
git secrets --install  

Add a configuration template if you want to add hooks to all repositories you initialize or clone in the future.

git secrets --install ~/.git-templates/git-secrets  
git config --global init.templateDir ~/.git-templates/git-secrets  

git-secrets is a simple tool preventing you from committing secrets and credentials into Git repositories. 

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