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aWOT: A Toolkit for IoT & WoT Development

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aWOT: A Toolkit for IoT & WoT Development

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You may have heard of IoT, but have you yet had a chance to contribute to it? In other words, have you been able to put any Things into that Internet? From Lasse Lukkari comes aWOT, a collection of tools meant to help developers "build RESTful stuff with Arduino compatible boards," except for Arduino Uno.

It looks like a pretty interesting and useful set of tools, and Lukkari justifies it with an explanation of WoT (the Web of Things), which seems to help ground IoT applications in a more practical, real-world context:

While IoT focuses on getting devices connected to the global Internet and other existing networks with new novel communication medias and protocols, Web Of Things, a sidekick of the IoT, is recycling the current web development patterns and tools to integrate everyday objects to the existing World Wide Web. In WoT the idea is to realize the IoT concept using the current web standards and practices. In order to do so WoT uses the REST architectural style implemented on top of the HTTP already in use all over the Internet.

Lukkari provides some supplemental information and resources on GitHub as well, including:

  • Performance data
  • Integration testing info
  • Usage screenshots
  • Extra links

Take a look at Lukkari's GitHub for more details and to get started with IoT and WoT.


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