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AWS Introduces the New King of Its Cluster Compute Family

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If you've recently found yourself in need of your own supercomputer, you'll be interested to know that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has added the Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large (or CC2 after the cc2.8xlarge API name) to its Cluster Compute Family. The addition of the CC2 instance marks another step in the diversification of AWS' cloud compute offerings, which now number 12 in instance types.

The CC2 instance type powers High Performance Computing with two Intel Xeon processors boasting eight hardware cores each and enabled Hyper-Threading. Storage consists of 60.5 GB of RAM and 3.37 TB of instance storage.

To give you an idea of what kind of speed CC2 clusters of capable of, a cluster of 1064 instances recently produced a speed of 240.09 teraFLOPS and ranked 42 on the Top500 Supercomputer Sites list for November.

So how much does it cost? One CC2 instance can be launched for $2.40 an hour, but if you're planning a long-term project you may want to look into the Reserved Instances option. Reserving an instance lets you pay up-front at a discounted hourly-rate (Amazon claims savings of up to 49%).

Because the CC2 instance is currently still a public beta, there are just a couple caveats to keep in mind:

  • For now, CC2 instances are only available in the US East (Northern Virginia) Region.
  • Only two CC2 instances are available by default, but you can submit a request for an instance increase.


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