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AWS Summit SF Recap: CloudWatch with Superpowers, New UI, and More

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AWS Summit SF Recap: CloudWatch with Superpowers, New UI, and More

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This article was written by Liz Johannesen.

Last week, we sponsored the first AWS Summit of 2015 in our own backyard in San Francisco. We love hosting a booth because we get the chance to meet and talk to our customers, get great feedback on how we’re doing, and meet new AWS users with whom we can share our message of “monitoring love.”

Here are some of the most common questions we answered and conversations we had:

Are you just a dashboard for CloudWatch?

We are real-time monitoring, correlation and visualization tool in the cloud, and one of our most powerful features is our turn-key CloudWatch integration.  

Just type in your AWS read-only credentials, and you can have dynamic dashboards like these in minutes:

Get these AWS CloudWatch metrics right out-of-the-box."> Get these AWS CloudWatch metrics right out-of-the-box.

Get these AWS CloudWatch metrics right out-of-the-box.

We don’t stop there. With Librato + CloudWatch you get:    

  • Free unlimited alerts
  • A year of data retention
  • Multiple instances charted on the same graph
  • Dynamic sources
  • Annotations
  • Unlimited custom metrics 

So, what else can I measure?

The answer is simple: everything. From a daily prediction of your AWS bill, to the PH levels in a farmer’s strawberry fields, to monitoring your furnace usage via a Nest thermostat - if your system can emit time-series data, we can measure it, monitor it, visualize, and alert on it.  

Our biggest fans remain, however, web site and application engineers in need of a flexible, reliable, and affordable monitoring and alerting tool. They use us to create custom composite metrics and alerts, including those for AWS services.

Why is SolarWinds now part of your logo?

Many of our booth visitors were familiar with the SolarWinds brand and its great reputation for on-premise and traditional IT solutions. We were excited to share that we are now an important pillar in the new SolarWinds Cloud family.


Together with Pingdom, we’re providing full-stack cloud monitoring under the SolarWinds Cloud banner to create visibility into how infrastructure changes can influence real-world end-user experience.

Librato is still on its same mission to help customers get the most out of their data, only now with greater resources and more great minds looking at our customer needs.

What are those cool dashboards on your demo screen?

After months of hard work, our team was proud and excited to demo the new Spaces UI, now in general release for all users. The sleek new environment makes getting set up on your AWS monitoring faster and easier than ever.  

Visitors to our booth could see how to go from sign-on to a beautiful dashboard containing all their AWS-native metrics in a matter of minutes.  What’s more, the new UI allows for fast and intuitive creation of custom metrics that mean the most to you.

Overheard in the booth: “Cloud is the New Normal”

While the term itself has met with some resistance over the years, it was clear by the conversations around the show floor that more organizations of all sizes are embracing the cloud. “It's really hard to fight gravity," noted AWS SVP Andy Jassy in his keynote address. “The cloud is providing all of us and companies with an unbelievable opportunity to completely reinvent their businesses…and do so much faster than ever before."

The rapid pace of cloud development requires real-time and closed-loop feedback mechanisms to ensure you are continuously testing and deploying in the right direction. Monitoring and alerting platforms like Librato are not just a nice-to-have, but an integral part of the development process. Put simply, if the future is cloudy, real-time metrics are the silver lining.

Be sure to catch us at the next AWS Summits in Chicago and New York City. See you on the show floor!

Want to learn more about Librato’s CloudWatch integration?  Sign up now for a free test account.  Get full-featured and free dashboards set up in minutes.

Cheers from the Librato team!


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