Aye Aye, AI: Exploring NLP

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Aye Aye, AI: Exploring NLP

Today, we're exploring the world of natural language processing (NLP). It's time to set sail and become the captain of S.S. NLP!

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Ahoy, AI mateys! Last time, we took off on a journey to explore the ocean of predictive analytics. Today, we're exploring the world of natural language processing (NLP). We'll dive into some of the top NLP articles on DZone, take on unchartered waters to get info from elsewhere, and explore the realm of publications to learn the ins and outs of NLP. It's time to set sail and become the captain of S.S. NLP. Arggg!

The Keys to NLP

Shiver me timbers! DZone has a lot of articles on natural language processing. Check out some of the best of the best below and enhance your knowledge so you won't get stuck swabbing the poop deck.

  1. A Guide to Natural Language Processing (Part 1) by Gabriele Tomassetti. In this extensive and very well-received five-part series, get an introduction to the world of NLP and learn about some basic algorithms for stemming and splitting words automatically.
  2. Diving Into Natural Language Processing by Adit Deshpande. From an author who never fails to contribute awesome AI content, learn about applying deep learning to natural language processing.
  3. Why Natural Language Processing Is the Future of Business Intelligence by Gur Tirosh. Until now, we've been interacting with computers in a way that they understand, rather than us. We've had to learn their language. Learn about how now, they're learning ours — thanks to NLP.
  4. Applying Natural Language Processing to Decode a Movie by Ritesh Sinha. Learn how to apply natural language processing to understand the relationship between various characters in the classic Indian movie Sholay.
  5. AI-Powered NLP: The Evolution of Machine Intelligence From Machine Learning by Tuhin Chattopadhyay. In this article from the DZone Guide to Artificial Intelligence, learn how to achieve automated real-time question-answering, emotional connotation, and more with NLP.

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NLP From Across the Sea

We're plundering the waters of afar to become the richest of all the natural language processing pirates.

Yo Ho Ho and a Guide and a Refcard!

DZone has Guides and Refcardz on pretty much every tech-related topic, but if you're specifically interested in natural language processing, feast your eyes on this treasure.

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. Steer through the endless possibilities of AI with ease, all the while building ethically responsible technologies that improve and enhance our lives, with DZone's first-ever AI Guide!
  2. Getting Started With TensorFlow. This Refcard will help you understand how TensorFlow works, how to install it, and how to get started with in-depth examples.
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