Back to Back to Back to Back: We’re a Gartner APM MQ Leader Four Years in a Row!

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Back to Back to Back to Back: We’re a Gartner APM MQ Leader Four Years in a Row!

This just in: New Relic has been named a Gartner APM Magic Quadrant Leader for the fourth straight year! Check out why Magic Quadrant has once again recognized APM leader New Relic.

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This is the fourth time, but it’s just as awesome as the first time! The analyst firm Gartner has recognized New Relic for the fourth year running as a Leader in the “Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring Suites” report by Cameron Haight and Will Cappelli.

We’re honored—again! According to Gartner, this research report evaluates vendors on completeness of vision, ability to execute, and five dimensions of APM functionality:

  1. End-user experience monitoring
  2. Application topology discovery and visualization
  3. User-defined transaction profiling
  4. Application component deep dive
  5. IT operations analytics

While IT operations is the traditional buyer and user of APM solutions, Gartner predicts that by 2020, 60% of APM buyers will reside outside of IT operations, up from less than 35% today. To help serve those new buyers, New Relic solutions are designed to use software analytics data to bridge multiple functions in an organization. Developers, IT ops, and business folks all need the right data at their fingertips to make smarter decisions, be more responsive to customer demands, and create better customer experiences.

We believe SaaS-based APM solutions deliver the most value to customers and are having a much bigger impact on the market than ever before. The firm notes that, “Releases of new products and features are occurring much more rapidly due to a combination of SaaS-based delivery models and the adoption of agile development methods.” With our 100% multi-tenant SaaS solution, New Relic users already benefit from our ability to rapidly move from ideas to delivering real functionality. Innovation is one of our passions; SaaS helps us turn that passion into products faster.

Capping a Big Year

No doubt, 2015 has been another big year for New Relic. Being named an MQ leader for 2015 comes just after the one-year anniversary of New Relic’s successful initial public stock offering.

Earlier this year Gartner noted New Relic as one of the Top 10 vendors worldwide ranked by revenue for APM in 2014, according to its most recent Gartner Market Share Analysis for APM 2014 research by Federico De Silva. According to that report and referenced again in this Magic Quadrant, the APM market as a whole reached $2.6 billion in 2014 with a 15.8% increase over 2013, making APM the fastest-growing technology within the ITOM segment. In the market share report, New Relic was acknowledged as one of “a new class of vendors that continues to drive a lot of the innovation in the market.” New Relic’s revenue growth worldwide was recorded at 71.3%, about 4.5 times faster than the overall market.

Helping Organizations Be Data-Driven

Throughout this year, our mantra has been to help more people across organizations be data-driven. We believe that, with good and relevant data, you can make better decisions. At our FutureStack15 user conference in November, we announced making detailed analytics data more easily accessible in our products. We think we can provide more companies and more people more immediate benefits from analytics through our SaaS service, freeing organizations from the need to build a massive monitoring and analytics infrastructure themselves.

Our supercluster cloud platform is part of our secret sauce designed to let you analyze your data in real time. That makes a difference whether you are an application developer who wants to know if the code is clean, an IT operations team member who needs to understand where performance is flagging, or a product manager who wants to know if customers are really using that just-introduced product feature. No matter what your role, having the data and analysis now can help you make better decisions for your team, for your product, and for your company.

This recognition from Gartner is a great way for New Relic to end the year. Read the entire Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring Suites report.

This article was written by Jay Fry, SVP of Marketing at New Relic, provides an update on New Relic's latest review from Gartner.

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