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SEO is a term which is used as an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. There are not one but plenty of things associated to it. You must be well aware of it. If not, this article will help you in knowing basics of SEO and backlinks, without which it becomes impossible to rank your websites and blogs. Looking for right platform to know more about it will lead you an Information Technology studies where it is taught in depth. These institutions explain every nitty gritty of components attached to it. For verification whether you have understood the entire mechanism they also examine your understanding; before which assignments and tasks are supposed to be submitted. Essayontime will help you to get better grades in the completion of the course.


Going back to the main topic, Backlink and SEO Integration, it is worthwhile to comprehend its functioning. First of all, let’s begin with what is Backlink? What does it do and how it functions to bring one site to the higher search engine ranking? Like the term itself suggests, it is something to do with linking which redirects your site to another site. Why it is important is another question. It is not important but very important to have several backlinks. It functions as an indicator to the optimization of search engines algorithms. However, you have to keep tuned to new updates by Google to remove content which is not up to the mark.

Another point to mention is the utility. It has an easy formula to apply.

More backlinks + more algorithms + more organic traffic = more generation of money.


Like any thing has both positive and negative magnetic fields, which pull that particular thing either way is because of one strong fact. The number of faults, the higher risk of falling apart form the agenda. More follow-ups and connectivity, advanced rate of reaching the prospected earning.

To keep it simple, you don’t have to integrate backlinks without seeing its relevancy, age of the site and the traffic it holds. These three main factors will not only help you in generating more traffic but also keep you safe from deteriorating the amount of present traffic too.Key points or key words and phrases help in checking the relevance to your site which is further authorized by the search engine.

For instance; your website is about poems and short stories and you give backlink to a site where home accessories is used as a niche, will you get traffic? Will it be generating good money? Will it be harmful to your site? The answer to all these questions is not in affirmative. Firstly, your site has nothing to do with home accessories, secondly no traffic means no money. Last but not the least, it will harm your website because algorithms will be checked and removed by search engines. However, if you link it with some other site which the same category, it will not only bring more traffic and money but also keep your site healthy.


No follow tags are of no use which means they do not redirect the website to your blog or site. This means of no value. Newbies who enter this field have no idea about the actual good backlinks. Here is a small guide what they should and shouldn’t do in order to produce good organic traffic.

No follow tags, like mentioned above means no redirection. Secondly, Google doesn’t let these links surpass the rules and regulations. It is strict like any other engine from where you search for information.


1.  Always be careful in being persistent. Never slack back because Google finds it out easily. For example, if you have 500 backlinks today and 15,000 in one single night, it will penalize you for backlink farming.

2.  Inventory of backlinks should be strong with unique and appealing domain or URLs.

3.  Have backlinks with the option of follow.

4.  PR – Page Reference or Page ranking is the most integral part. Don’t slack back on it.

5.  Buying links is not a good idea. What happens is that people fool when they see that the person is new in the field. If you really have no other option, do your necessary investigation before purchasing.

6.  Trust none but only yourself. Agencies and companies who claim to give one hundred percent traffic generating backlinks can’t be trusted. Why? Because, those links don’t go for ever. Google changes its algorithms after every six to twelve months. The duration, however, varies.

These fundamental rules will help you in integrating backlinks wisely and carefully. 


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