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Backup MySQL Databases Into Seperate Files

A cronable script for backing up all your databases as seperate files.  I'd suggest limiting the backup user's access to the IP of the computer backing up, and using some sort of encryption if you're on a capable version of mysql.

# MySQL backups from the Data

MOUNTED=`grep /etc/mtab -e \/mnt\/backup`
if [ "$MOUNTED" = '' ]; then
        echo "/mnt/backup is not mounted, there is no drive to backup to"
        exit 1

mkdir -p /mnt/backup/cluster_sql

for i in $(echo 'SHOW DATABASES;' | mysql -ubackup -pSUPERSECRET -hData|grep -v '^Database$'); do
  mysqldump -ubackup -pSUPERSECRET -hData --opt $i > /mnt/backup/cluster_sql/$i.sql;


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