Bad Parameter Sniffing Decision Flow Chart [Infographic]

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Bad Parameter Sniffing Decision Flow Chart [Infographic]

Unsure of what to do when you suspect bad parameter sniffing is occurring with your stored procedure? This flowchart can help you deal with it!

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Lots of people are confused with how to deal with bad parameter sniffing when it occurs. In an effort to help with this, I’m going to try to make a decision flow chart to walk you through the process. This is a rough — quite rough — first draft.

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I would love to hear any input. For this draft, I won’t address the things I think I’ve left out. I want to see what you think of the decision flow and what you think might need to be included. 

Thanks to the attendees at my SQLSaturday Louisville pre-con for the great questions and the inspiration to get this done.

Thank you in advance for any and all feedback.

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