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Balsamiq Mockups Tool


As part of a project that I’m currently managing and developing, I was in a need to design UI mockup for a sample web application. I didn’t want to use Visio or Word for this task since I think that it is an overkill to use such “monsters” for a simple (but very important) task. So I remembered Scott Mitchell’s MSDN Magazine article and his recommendation for the Balsamiq Mockups tool. After I read the article last year, I evaluated the tool in the online demo and it was awesome.

Yesterday, I went to balsamiq web site and downloaded the tool’s trail version. It took me two hours to give life to the mockup that I imagined for the web application and that was it. The tool is SO easy to use, very intuitive and you create mockups “in the speed of light”. Just take a look at samples from Balsamiq Mockups site to get the idea of what you can achieve with the tool:

  Mockup Example

 Mockup Example

Once you finish to create the mockup, you can export it as an image or save it. I really enjoyed the second chance to use this brilliant tool. Now my design is at the hands of a graphical designer who get the picture of how the sample application needs to look and feel.
One last thing, the tool is a commercial product and it costs $79 per user license.


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