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Basics of Building an Effective WordPress Auction Theme

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Basics of Building an Effective WordPress Auction Theme

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We all know what Wordpress is. It has been around for some time now. You still don’t know? Well ok here is a little brief explanation. It is an open source website building tool. Open source means hundreds of developers around the world are adding to it and it is free to use for the other millions of internet users around the world. The best part of it is that it requires no programming knowledge. You can just learn it as you would anything that is not too technical. Millions of sites are made on Wordpress. Each day it gains more and more popularity with the making of new plugins and themes. You have total control over it and don’t need the expensive services of a developer or designer to make and maintain your site.

Let’s have a look at another popular category in this. The category of Wordpress auction themes. It is just as the name sounds. Having an auction theme integrated into your site is cool for your community of followers. Although Ebay is the most popular website around it is very helpful for you to have this theme included into your website as the reason for this is that Ebay won’t offer the level of personalization that your site has to offer. Let’s say you have a site where everyone loves collecting stamps. There are some stamps that are not as valuable to the people who own them but others want to buy it. This person can this list those particular stamps on you website for bidding.

Another solid reason for this is the listing fees. If you check Ebay now their fees have increased and they have so many rules and regulations for listing that it has become all too frustrating for the user to list his item for sale. Having your own auction page makes the process simpler. You can keep rules and regulations simple and also have low auction fees. The upside to this is you will attract a lot more users. You profit on quantity. Everyone wins.

The best advantage of all is that as it your own site you get to list your products for free. Let’s say you want to start an online used items store. You buy the products in bulk and then list them on your site. You state an opening bid and wait for people to make offers. Again it’s a win win situation. Everyone benefits and you sell your stuff and in the process you get famous too.

Also remember that plugins play a vital role in the overall performance. Keep the following points in mind and you can’t go wrong.

  • Let’s anyone create a listing easily
  • Has an effective item search
  • Members are notified via email
  • Payment intergration
  • Listing fee charges
  • Ease of relisting items in case the bid times out
  • User reviews (very important)

Search around online and see which are the best themes and plugins. It’s pretty simple if you do enough research. Good luck with those listings!

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