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@BC_Social guide to collaboration

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Collaboration is something many organisations want to do more effectively, but most are still encountering significant obstacles.  That’s the finding of a new survey conducted by enterprise social company BCSocial, who talked to nearly 150 companies in Britain and America to try and find out exactly how they’re currently collaborating, and some of the main issues they’re encountering.

For instance, they found that 67% of those surveyed were struggling to get information to cross departmental boundaries.  Information and knowledge had become siloed, with collaboration suffering as a result.

Findings such as this prompted the production of a new whitepaper that I wrote for BCSocial that looks at how organisations can collaborate effectively.  It looks at some of the key organisational hurdles that have to be overcome in order for collaboration to thrive and provides a 5 step process for you to get started on the road to great collaboration.

You can download the whitepaper for free here.

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