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"BDD In Action" - a brand new on-site workshop on Advanced Agile Requirements Practices

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"BDD In Action" - a brand new on-site workshop on Advanced Agile Requirements Practices

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Learn how your team can deliver valuable features faster and more efficiently, using Advanced Agile and Lean Practices to build a better synergy between BAsdevelopers, and testers. The results are faster deliveryhigher quality productsmore accurate reportingsatisfied usersand lower maintenance costs.

Help your team gain a competitive edge in this tailored one-day on-site workshop.

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is an approach than helps teams focus on defining and delivering features with demonstrable business value. Teams using BDD think about requirements in terms of “executable specifications", a much more precise and collaborative approach to requirements analysis than more traditional methods.

But BDD is more than just a development technique: in fact, it introduces a whole new dynamic to interactions between team members and stakeholders, a dynamic that increases communicationimproves productivity and reduces waste. Through ongoing conversations between business stakeholders and team members, the team discovers and explores the business goals, capabilities and features that the stakeholders need. They then propose technical solutions to deliver these capabilities, using concrete examples and counter-examples to explore and understand these features more fully. The automated tests that validate these solutions provideaccurate real-time reporting about project progress, and go on to provide "living technical documentation" about the product.

This tailored one-day on-site workshop is an intensive introduction to fundamental BDD practices, a vital skill for anyone involved in software development today. It is aimed at cross-functional teams from all horizons, and will be equally useful to product owners, BAs, testers and developers.

The workshop is focused on assimilating the fundamental principles behind BDD. As well as getting a solid understanding of the theory of BDD, students will be able to put this theory into practice, with students will be divided into multi-functional teams, to simulate the real-world application of these principles. The labs themselves will involve using BDD to collaboratively solve practical exercises, and require no technical or programming skills

The topics covered during the workshop will include:

  • Principles of Agile Requirements Gathering
  • From Business Value to Features
  • Using Feature Injection to discover features and stories
  • The art of writing Executable Specifications
  • Defining good acceptance criteria
  • Principles of incremental design and agile architecture
  • Real Options and Deliberate Discovery
  • Discovering and implementing features
  • Reporting on progress and status
  • Functional Coverage - mapping acceptance tests to requirements
  • Overview of BDD tools for different technologies
  • Demonstration of real-world BDD practices and tools
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About the trainer: Course author John Ferguson Smart is a leading international expert in the domain of behaviour driven development, automated testing and software life cycle development optimization. John is a renown speaker at international conferences and events. John is the author of the popular “Java Power Tools” and “Jenkins: The Definitive Guide”, both published by O'Reilly, and is currently working on "BDD in Action" for Manning and Selenium 2: The Definitive Guide" for O'Reilly. John is also the founder and lead developer of the Thucydides project, a new open source library that helps teams organize and implement more effective automated acceptance tests.

Since 2007, over a thousand students have benefited from John's on-site and public workshops. Here is what some students have been saying about John's workshops:

  • "Best development course I have been on in a very long time. Will seriously improve our development/build/test lifecycle." - Neil, Software Developer
  • "One of the best and most useful courses I have attended. And they didn't even try to sell me anything!"- Jonathan, Developer
  • "Greatly enjoyed the course. Provided many useful insights on how to introduce improved ways of working and how to incorporate new technology with new and 'legacy' projects." - Derek, Technical Team Leader
  • "Probably the best training course I've been on...ranges from a good overview to a detailed coverage, depending on need or preference. Was an excellent course." - Peter, Analyst Programmer

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