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To Be Immortal

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To Be Immortal

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As I filmed the eclipse tonight, I wondered over the facts.

The moon will be at its highest point in the sky while eclipsed since Dec. 18, 419 AD. The next time we'll have a lunar eclipse on the same date as the winter solstice is Dec. 21, 2094.

 We all joked on FB about being dead in 2094, and it will be cloudy anyway. It made me think a little. Sure, I'll be dead but I wonder if my code will be running. I KNOW I will be dead. Get over it. Really wondering about the code.

Then I reflected on some programmers of the past who pondered the same question. For the life of me I can't remember what they were famous for, but they were right on the money at the time.  Anyway, it really impressed me, or rather made an impression on me. They said the same thing. I know I will be gone.What about my work. Did my work make an impression, did I make an impression?

Code certainly is art. True artists inspire.

At the end of the day, have you inspired others to push the boundaries, or have you simply built boundaries around your own temporal ideas?  The only thing better than having your code run in 2094, is to have an impression that lasts as long.

You can become a legend within your family by spoiling the (grand) kids, or you can create great works of art, or you can do both. We yack about the one all year long. Now is the time to turn the computer off and spend some time ensuring your own immoratality. Remember who got you here. It's family. Pay it forward.

Happy holidays everybody.

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