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Becoming a Software Factory AND an Idea Factory

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Becoming a Software Factory AND an Idea Factory

Empower enterprise companies to differentiate themselves by delivering a world-class user experience and an outstanding customer experience.

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Whatever new awaits you, begin it here. In an entirely reimagined Jira. 

Great to hear from Ayman Sayed, President and Chief Product Officer and Otto Berkes, EVP and CTO of CA Technologies share their vision for the future of their organization, and other enterprise organizations at their 2017 Built to Change Summit.

Prior to joining CA, Ayman had been with Cisco and Otto had been with Microsoft and HBO. They both share the vision for what it takes to be a successful company today -- listening to and anticipating the needs of their customers, and their customers' end users.

They are doing this by acquiring companies that enable CA to offer end-to-end business processes that empower enterprise companies to differentiate themselves by delivering a world-class digital experience (DX), user experience (UX), and an outstanding customer experience (CX) at a time of rapid change and high customer expectations.

In the last two years, CA Technologies has made eight acquisitions:

  • Rally Software: Cloud-based solution for managing Agile software development.

  • Grid Tools: Enterprise test data management, automated test design, and automation software.

  • IDNlogic: Identity and access management.

  • Xceedium: Zero-trust privileged access management.

  • Blazemeter: JMeter and performance testing platform for DevOps.

  • Mobile System 7: Advanced analytics and adaptive access control.

  • Automic: Automation platform for all processes, applications, and infrastructure.

  • Veracode: Cloud-based app intelligence and security verification.

While CA has a history of supporting technology in the enterprise, they realize the need to help transform their business and portfolio to embrace the digital economy and succeed in a digital world.

They are harvesting insights, using big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to help customers see how end users are using their products. They are implementing automation and DevOps to accelerate application development.

They have built a portfolio of products and services around Agile, DevOps, and Security to help customers develop a software business as more enterprises are moving to the public cloud. According to IDC, by 2018, 85% enterprises will have adopted a public cloud architecture.

They are helping clients understand how automation makes IT less expensive by reducing enterprise infrastructure and reducing the need for so many IT professionals - for which there is already a dearth.

By helping enterprise companies become digital-first, CA is helping their core customer transform to be an effective player in the application economy. Their mission is to build tools and technologies for enterprises to navigate through this critical transformation. This includes:

  • Dealing with legacy monolithic stacks that are difficult to evolve.

  • Reducing 80% of the money being spent just to keep the lights on.

  • Helping tech leaders in the enterprise, of which there are currently only 10%, use budgets to drive innovation.

  • Having software capability and competency that is imperative for customer success in the digital economy.

CA is building a modern software factory and is committed to helping its clients build a modern software factory as well since that is what will be necessary to build seamless one-to-one relationships with customers and prospects that will effectively differentiate those companies from their competition.

Moving forward, companies need to reduce the time between ideas and outcomes – i.e., accelerate speed to market. They can do this by managing, planning, building, testing, deploying, harvesting insights, and iterating based on real-time feedback loops.

Every business strategy should have a technology strategy and CA is helping customers succeed in making this transformation by helping them monitor everything from the enterprise to the apps to the user experience. Automating end-to-end business processes from enterprise to mobile devices. Leveraging data and insights to have a higher degree of precision and to augment skill-set resources of the people on the team.

The exponential rate of change in every industry is challenging every enterprise. The gap between what is possible with technology and what companies are doing to leverage technology is increasing, not decreasing. Companies' business models are being disrupted by more Agile start-ups. CA is helping to reverse this trend by helping companies reduce the gap and realize the benefits by taking ideas and turning them into real digital experiences that have real value for customers (i.e., The Idea Factory). This involves listening intensely and deeply understanding customers in real-time and responding in real-time.

Is your company prepared to leverage customer knowledge to become more responsive to their needs by giving everyone on your team the insights necessary to develop and deliver solutions and services customers need and want?

New roadmaps, more flexible boards, and dozens of new integrations. And that's just the beginning.  

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