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Becoming the First Cyborgs With Liviu Babitz [Podcast]

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Becoming the First Cyborgs With Liviu Babitz [Podcast]

While sci-fi predicted sweeping changes in cyborgs, like limb replacement, the truth probably lies in a smaller start, like embedding sensors in our bodies.

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Science fiction told us that cyborgs would be more robot than human, slicing off entire limbs and replacing them with robotic equivalents and reaching the point where it is hard to tell human from machine. But whilst it can inspire ideas, science fiction is often wrong, omnipresent personal computers actually resulted in smart phones — and maybe this will be the same for our predictions of cyborgs.

Liviu Babitz, Founder of Cyborg Nest, agrees, predicting that we will instead look to add new senses or enhance those we already have in small and subtle ways. Liviu began with a small sensor that vibrates when he is facing north, in itself not the most useful sense to possess, but a step in the right direction to show what could be possible.

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