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Beginning Mocking with Moq 3 - Part 2

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Beginning Mocking with Moq 3 - Part 2

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In the previous entry in this series on beginning mocking using Moq, we looked at how to create a mock and then later verify that some method was called. This is probably the most basic usage of a mocking framework, which is to simply verify a method call. One of the things that is a bit confusing when looking at a statement in a test that uses a lambda is to realize that the code you are seeing in the assertion is not actually executing. So when you see a statement like this:

mockFileWriter.Verify(fw => fw.WriteLine("1001,10.53"), Times.Exactly(1));

The lambda inside of the “Verify” method:

fw => fw.WriteLine("1001,10.53")

Is being turned into an expression tree and then analyzed by Moq, not actually being executed. Whether or not you understand what I mean by that, what you need to understand is that we are merely telling Moq what to look for, not running any code.

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