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Beginning Mocking With Moq 3 – Part 1

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Beginning Mocking With Moq 3 – Part 1

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While I was at the ALT.NET and MVP summits, the one topic that came up over and over again was the fact that we don’t focus on the beginners enough. And not necessarily beginners in the sense of brand new developers, but beginners in terms of those who just haven’t been exposed to many of the concepts that we work with so often. Many of us have forgotten how hard it was to grasp some of these concepts. Since Moq 3 went final while I was out of town, I felt like doing an introduction to mocking using Moq 3 was the perfect place to start!

At this point many developers are now doing automated testing, but not necessarily unit testing. The reason I say this is that most developers don’t know how to break their applications down so that the pieces can be tested independently. Mocking is an easy way to replace dependencies during testing so that you don’t need to actually call out to a database, web service, file system, or even just another class. The idea is that you are isolating small pieces of functionality during testing, hence why they call it “unit” testing.

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