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KinectContrib Templates Available Through NuGet

If you are a Kinect developer that needs the same application skeleton over and over again, then KinectContrib Templates is what you are looking for. It installs a set of basic templates for C#, VB.NET and F# that have the basic Kinect communication structures implemented.

Normally, you would have three options of getting the tools – either download the installer, download the latest source and compile it yourself or download the ZIP and copy the files manually. Now you have a fourth method – NuGet.

All you have to do is find KinectContribTemplates in the NuGet Package Manager:


Or you could install it directly from the Package Manager Console:


NOTE: If you are installing the package in the context of a Visual Studio solution, no Kinect-specific files will be added to it. You will need to restart Visual Studio and use the New Project dialog to see the Kinect section.

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