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Benchmarking PHPNG in Alpha

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Benchmarking PHPNG in Alpha

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PHPNG is only in alpha development, but several benchmarking tests already put it streets ahead of PHP 5.6 – in some cases, it easily performs twice as quickly. In development since January 2014, PHPNG has been breaking into blogs the last few days because of its extraordinary performance in benchmarking tests.

One developer pits PHPNG versus PHP 5.6 in this blog and notes:

Six months later in mid-July, their efforts are really bearing fruit and PHPNG is about to become nearly 100% faster than PHP 5.6 when rendering the front page of a stock WordPress 3.6 installation:

PHP 5.6, 1000 renderings of WP front page = 26.756 seconds

PHP NG,  1000 renderings of WP front page = 14.810 seconds

Another blog compares PHPNG, PHP 5.6 and hhvm across a variety of platforms and benchmarking tests to reach several conclusions, including:

Our guest of honor, PHPNG, is MUCH faster than PHP 5.6.  It's anywhere between 1.5x and 2.1x faster performance in terms of requests per second versus PHP 5.6.  Even more interestingly, while it's slower than hhvm in some cases, it's faster in many others.

On SugarCRM, PHPNG is 14% faster than hhvm 3.1 and 28% faster than hhvm 3.2.  Yes, PHPNG's actually faster than hhvm here! 

PHPNG has not been officially accepted into the master branch of PHP and hasn't even moved into a beta stage, but might be at that point as soon as January 2015. You can follow its development on the wiki.

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