The Benefits of Having a Business Blog

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The Benefits of Having a Business Blog

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Some businesses feel that blogging is only a hobby, and it is something that has no place in the
corporate world. However, blogging can be a very powerful tool for social media marketing if the business knows how to use it. Businesses shouldn’t ignore the power of blogging. When it is setup and done correctly, it can be one of the most cost effective ways to reach consumers.

Still, some businesses that have no experience with a corporate blog may believe creating one is too expensive and too time consuming. This is not the case. Blogs are inexpensive to set up and can be done so quickly. Especially when helped by a reputable web marketing firm. Blogs don’t have to consume huge amounts of the corporate budget; they don’t even have to be maintained by a large staff.

When setting up a blog, a business needs to first understand the capabilities of a blog. Only then can a business begin to set goals for it.

Establishing Credibility And Brand

A business blog can contain the company’s logo, mission statement, core values, product
descriptions and anything else the business wants to use to help establish its brand with potential consumers. One of the best parts about blogging is there is no limit to what can be shared with audiences. This can create business transparency that consumers appreciate. Business blogging allows a business to establish not only their brand with potential consumers, but also credibility, which is one of the most important factors in generating sales.

Since a business blog can easily create two-way communication between a business and its potential consumers, a relationship can form. A corporate blog can be used to not only
market products and services, but to answer questions, share industry news, and give industry related advice for free. This helps form a strong relationship between a business and its consumers.  Thus, it can lead to an audience that keeps coming back to the blog because they see the value in it. An audience that sees the value in the business blog can also see the value in the business itself.

Get To Know The Customer

A business can pay a lot of money to find out about consumer behavior in its industry. When a business blog is done right, there is no need for a business to pay an outside agency thousands of dollars to find out what its consumers like and don’t like. These questions can be asked directly to them in the business blog. Information has a tendency to lose validity when an intermediary is involved in the research phase. Even if the outside agency is dependable with its information, it can take a significant amount of time before the data is sent to the business. Why
wait? The information can be found in real time in the comment section of the business blog.


Better SEO Results

A blog for a business is just a different website that is attached to the main corporate site. When done correctly, links can be easily placed on the blog that conveniently direct blog traffic to the corporate site. This can create better SEO results for the corporate site. Also, since the blog is constantly being updated with new content and keywords, this helps create better SEO results for the blog and for the website as well. Consistent dynamic content is very important especially
because of the recent Google updates. Better SEO results mean better traffic, which of course can lead to better sales. 

As mentioned previously, creating links to share on the web, otherwise known as link building, is a very effective part of generating great SEO results. If a business wants its corporate site to be found by more people, they need more ways for people to find it. Blogs are much easier to share links for than websites. Not only can blog links be placed easily into blog directories, but also people just like to share blog links more than websites. Therefore, blogging is a great way to create awesome SEO results, which in turn leads to higher sales conversions.

Blogs Can Easily Be Updated

Information can easily be changed on blogs. So if a business has a new product or service that they really want to share with consumers immediately, it can be done quickly on its business blog. Businesses that stand still are in trouble, there is always new information on the industry and there should always be new information that a business has to share with its target audience. This information can be placed on a blog as fast as the writer can type it. The belief of having to deal with long, challenging code to update a blog is not accurate. The blog’s software
that is used to create new information can work as easily as a word processor.

Blog Updates Can Be Easily Shared

Followers of any business blog can be updated with new blog posts as soon as they are published. This allows audiences to stay connected with the business, further strengthening the relationship. Any reader can use a free feed aggregator to be sent updates of each blog post. It is similar to how someone subscribes to a magazine, except it is done through code. A reader of the business blog can easily subscribe to the blog through a feed aggregator.

This allows a reader base to be established. What is better than having a reader base for a business blog? Especially since there is no limit to how large the reader base can be. If readers like what a business has to say in its blog, it has the potential to grow to any size and the bigger the better.

Maintaining A Blog Is Easy

The word easy keeps coming up in this article for a reason. Business blogging doesn’t have to be hard, even when maintaining one. The software used for blogging is not challenging to understand even for those who have never used it before. Changes can easily be made to the content, the design and the layout. The reports are in real time, accurate, and best of all free to use. Any type of business, even those that have nothing to do with the web industry, can do business blogging. So it should be done by every business that is serious about reaching its
goals. It is just too powerful of a marketing tool to ignore.

This article was written by the Imaginovation team.  They are a Raleigh web design and software development company who uses .NET, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript and jQuery technologies.


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