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The benefits of social learning platforms

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The benefits of social learning platforms

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In any organization, having the right people on the job and performing tasks as expected can help maximize business productivity and ensure long-term success. Unfortunately, unfocused and unorganized executions often serve as major problems in many companies. Effort, time, and money are wasted due to unproductive work while very few employees only get to achieve their full potentials that can promote the organization’s advancement.

Social learning platforms serve as a viable means for providing the right training to employees. Since social learning has now become popular in the business world, it only makes sense to incorporate this in all organizations. Primarily, social learning refers to a learning environment that involves social functionality including videos, blogs and RSS feeds. These tools all create a convenient and engaging means of helping individuals acquire new knowledge and develop their skills. Social learning platforms also ensure an accessible online community where learning becomes more meaningful since individuals interact with each other to share what they know. 

Gone are the days that learners dwell in isolation; at present, learning is done in the midst of a group or community of learners. This learning platform enables individuals to collaborate with one another as they create and discuss new ideas. Moreover, this technique increases employee engagement, and it increases the use of web-based learning content. Hence, organizations are able to explore and master emerging business practices and ideas that are applicable to their industry.

Social learning platforms usually vary depending on the size of the company. For large corporations, they may already have an enterprise social platform in place for collaboration and communication, specifically when they have a learning management system that has this type of functionality. Small businesses may also use their LMS as their public web portal, and they may streamline their existing technologies and platforms into a single solution.

With the use of reliable learning platforms, company managers may be able to impart their insights to employees and other members of the organization through video interviews. Employees, on the other hand, can enroll in a wide range of leadership courses and make use of leadership videos, self-assessment tools and RSS feeds to keep abreast with any changes in business practices. 

A fully-integrated social learning tool is a necessity since the corporate training plan constantly evolves to pave the way for a community-based type of learning. Various platforms are now capable of delivering traditional and informal learning. These learning platforms use enhanced training and coursework while improving an oragnization’s employee-based solutions for the satisfaction of their customers.


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