Best Article on NetBeans Zone in 2008

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Best Article on NetBeans Zone in 2008

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Based on the number of votes received and its obvious quality, the following article is judged the best article on NetBeans Zone this year:

From Pain to Gain: Swing and the NetBeans Platform in the Real World

In this detailed and thoroughly interesting article, its author Fabrizio Giudici describes the development of the blueMarine project (an open source desktop photo workflow application), from the point where he started thinking about it (to cool details such as the reason why he spent a lot of time indoors working on it), to the gradual steps he took, via Romain Guy and JavaPolis, to the NetBeans Platform.

But he goes a lot further! He describes all the main NetBeans APIs in the context of his application:

It is a very useful article, with many colorful illustrations and code snippets, especially for anyone developing desktop applications. It is well worth reading, go here to start right now. Are there other articles on NetBeans Zone that you'd like to draw attention to as the year draws to an end and a new one begins?


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