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The Best of DZone: Sep. 30 - Oct. 7

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The Best of DZone: Sep. 30 - Oct. 7

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If you missed anything on DZone this week, now's your chance to catch up! Below are the most popular posts of the past week - both links from DZone.com and articles from our Zones - covering Big Data and NoSQL databases, web design and mobile development, and everything inbetween:

This Week's Top Links

  1. And you Thought the App Trait is Just a Convenient Way of Creating an Executable Scala Program - by knoldus
  2. Tutorial #1: Getting Started with Play Framework 2.3.4 - by knoldus
  3. Fresh Tools For Developers And Designers To Use In Projects - by sammypanwar
  4. JavaOne 2014 Kicks Off to a Timid Start - by comanhamilton
  5. Java Supports Only Pass by Value - by aksmit

This Week's Top Articles


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New Releases

Mastering Portal UI Development With Vaadin and Liferay

By Sami Ekblad and James Falkner

The Liferay Portal has become a popular way of implementing enterprise websites and running business applications. For application development, Liferay Portal includes Vaadin as a pre-packaged framework for developing attractive, easy-to-use applications.



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