Best in Developer Tech: 2018 DEVIES Award Winners Named at DeveloperWeek

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Best in Developer Tech: 2018 DEVIES Award Winners Named at DeveloperWeek

Take a look at the tech winners of the 2018 Devies, renowned as one of the largest developer awards ceremonies in the world.

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The 2018 DEVIES award winners were announced Monday in Oakland, CA, during the VIP Reception at DeveloperWeek, the globally largest expo and conference series for developers.

According to the collective decision of the jury, comprising DZone's President Matt Schmidt and EVP Jesse Davis, as well as experts from Qlik, TIBCO, IBM Watson, Hack Reactor and others, 15 companies went with the title of the best in Devtech this year, one per category. The principal criteria were: sector leadership for innovation, massive coverage in media and excellent reputation in the developer community.

The winners include Leap Motion, AnyChart, npm, MarkLogic and other distinguished companies...But let's not put the cart before the horse. Check out below for a quick list of the winners, by category.

List of 2018 DEVIES Winners


Product: AirTM

Best in the category: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Development

AirTM facilitates value transfer between more than 200 bank and e-money systems to an account denominated in USD, enabling anyone to receive and send dollars in the cloud with the help of a large P2P network of AirTM cashiers.


Product: AnyChart

Best in the category: JavaScript Technology

AnyChart is a leading JavaScript charting library with detailed docs and API reference, which allows web developers to quickly create interactive data visualization. Supporting a lot of chart types, ways to work with data and other features, it is flexible, yet easy to use and integrate.


Product: Butterfly

Best in the category: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Butterfly is a web-based platform that offers real-time leadership training to managers at any level with the help of a self-learning virtual coach.


Product: Built.io Flow

Best in the category: Platform as a Service

Built.io Flow is an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) designed for automating tasks by means of connecting as well as integrating over cloud apps, creating business workflows, smoothly transferring data between applications and enhancing the entire organizational productivity.


Product: Codebashing

Best in the category: Mobile Development

Codebashing is an education platform that provides developers with an opportunity to obtain and further improve application security skills in an especially efficient way thanks to leveraging the context and being available on demand.

Electric Cloud

Product: ElectricFlow

Best in the category: DevOps

ElectricFlow allows developer teams to automate the whole deployment process, coordinate app releases and get insights into business-critical metrics regardless of environment or scale.


Product: InfluxEnterprise

Best in the category: IoT Software

InfluxEnterprise is a platform designed for working with time series data, including its collection, storage, visualization, as well as monitoring and alerting.

Leap Motion

Product: Interaction Engine

Best in the category: 3D and VR/AR Development

The Interaction Engine created by Leap Motion provides an opportunity to work with VR apps by means of the interaction with various objects, either physical or pseudo-physical.


Product: MarkLogic 9

Best in the category: Enterprise Solutions

MarkLogic is a NoSQL database technology that allows companies and organizations to work with any data regardless of its structure and volume, capable of powering big data apps.

npm, Inc.

Product: npm Enterprise

Best in the category: Coding Frameworks/Libraries

npm is known as a popular package manager for JS and software registry. Large teams use the npm Enterprise product to browse, share and re-use the code beyond corporate firewalls but still under their full control.


Product: Postman

Best in the category: API Services

Postman is a comprehensive toolchain that facilitates the API development process and allows developers to work faster and in a much more streamlined manner.

Sauce Labs

Product: Sauce Labs Automated Testing Platform

Best in the category: App Analytics/Testing

Sauce Labs Automated Testing Platform is a cloud-based platform intended for automated testing, ensuring that mobile and web apps work seamlessly on any device and in any browser.


Product: SendBird

Best in the category: API Infrastructure

SendBird is a robust chat API and messaging SDK, enabling messaging in mobile apps as well as on any websites.


Product: Solace Cloud

Best in the category: Communications Development

Solace Cloud is a "messaging-as-a-service" solution, allowing developers to quickly deploy flexible and swift messaging environment.


Product: Varick

Best in the category: Data Development Tools

Varick transforms JSON and REST APIs into simple-to-use admin panels. Using the API models you have, it makes dashboards and provides you with a full control over access.

Now you've seen the list of the products and companies that won the 2018 DEVIES awards for the best innovation in their field of developer technology business. Do you agree with the judges or would rather give an award to another candidate for their accomplishments? Please feel free to name those — if any — in the comments below, hopefully along with the appropriate reasoning.

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