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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS - Week of March 4, 2013

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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS - Week of March 4, 2013

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This week featured a lot of interesting new projects and libraries including RaptorJS, review, resemble and pixi. Of course, there were also plenty of excellent tutorials as well as a new version of Brackets and a new edition of Appliness.


Joe Zim compares using an event hub versus promises for a JavaScript asynchronous architecture.
JavaScript Asynchronous Architectures: Events vs. Promises

Todd Anderson continues his series on making of a test-driven grocery list application with Jasmine and RequireJS.
The Making of a Test-Driven Grocery List Application in JS: Part X

Raymond Camden shares a simple example of reverse geocoding using HTML5 geolocation and the Google Maps API.
Simple Reverse Geocoding Example

Johnny Simpson shows how to build a custom video player using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Making Custom CSS3 Video Players With HTML5 and Javascript

Chris Coyier explains all the details you need to start using SVG on the web.
Using SVG

CSS Fragmentation affects how text is rendered and Andrei Bucur explains how the spec is implemented in WebKit.
CSS Fragmentation In WebKit

Mary Lou posts a simple, modifiable example of a responsive vertical icon menu using HTML and CSS.
Vertical Icon Menu

There've been many JavaScript prototype tutorials in the past, but Sebastian Porto's plain English guide to prototypes is definitely worth the read.
A plain english guide to JavaScript prototypes

Greg Smith used his open source time at Bocoup to launch a really great site to help you learn CSS layout.
Learn CSS Layout

Adrian Roselli shows how to leverage responsive web design techniques to make an attractive printable format for your web content.
Make your website printable with CSS

Jordan Moore shares an experiment where he makes the page respond to voice commands that alter the page styles.
Experiment No8 - Responding to Voice

Libraries and Frameworks

Glenn Gervais demonstrates how to easily build an image gallery application using AngularJS.
Super-Easy Angular Image Gallery

Colin Ihrig on scaling Node.js applications like taking advantage of multiple cores, scaling across machines and more.
Scaling Node.js Applications

Alex Young continues his Backbone tutorial series with this edition focused on implementing routes.
Backbone.js Tutorial: Routes

Jeff Burtoft explains how to build a Windows 8 desktop app available via the Windows Store using HTML, JavaScript and YUI.
Build a Windows 8 App With YUI

Volo is an automation tool for web developers created by James Burke and Gabriel Manricks explains how to use it.
Streamline your Process with Volo


Aurelio De Rosa's final part of his Cordova tutorial series covers the config file that sets project properties.
Build a Currency Converter with jQuery Mobile and Cordova: Finishing The App

Raymond Camden shares a PhoneGap sample app with database and camera support that stores images across platforms.
PhoneGap Sample - Diary (Database and Camera support)

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

RaptorJS is a JavaScript Toolkit from eBay that includes modules, classes, extensions, optimizer and more.
RaptorJS — A JavaScript Toolkit from eBay

review is a Node app that can get screenshots of all your running sites in different resolutions.

Ben Kamens created a jQuery plugin to mimic Amazon’s mega dropdown behavior of opening/closing menus with no delay.
Breaking down Amazon's mega dropdown

Dan Motzenbecker shares how he created HexaFlip , a plugin for 3D flipping cube UI elements, with JavaScript and CSS.
HexaFlip: A Flexible 3D Cube Plugin

Resemble.js analyses and compares images with HTML5 canvas and JavaScript.
Resemble.js : Image analysis

Rawson.js, by Franz Buchinger, is a JavaScript renderer for RAW image files in the browser.
Rawson.js: A JavaScript Camera RAW File Viewer Ported with Emscripten

Thomas Fuchs announces Zepto 1.0 including Twitter Bootstrap compatability, a new build system and more.
Zepto 1.0

WhatFont is a new Chrome extension by Chengyin Liu to easily inspect fonts in webpages.
WhatFont Tool - The easiest way to inspect fonts in webpages

Validatr is a cross-platform HTML form validation library that uses native HTML5 form validation whenever possible.

Pixi.js is a 2D library that works across mobile and desktop devices and you to leverage hardware acceleration without prior knowledge of webGL.
Pixi.js has landed!


The Brackets Sprint 21 Build includes new JavaScript code hinting and NodeJS under the hood.
Brackets Sprint 21 Build

The March issue of Appliness is available and features an interview with Lea Verou.
March Issue with Lea Verou

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