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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS - Week of March 11, 2013

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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS - Week of March 11, 2013

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A lot of CSS tutorials and examples this week as well quite a few tutorials focused on a variety of different frameworks and libraries. Notable releases this week include YUI, Node and the new ColtJS framework.


Zoltan Hawryluk shows how to animate on a circular paths with CSS3 animations using only 2 keyframes.
Animating Circular Paths Using CSS3 Animations.

Chris Coyier details all the accepted "length" properties in CSS.
The Lengths of CSS

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer shows how to use Math.random() in JavaScript to compute a random permutation of an array.
Computing random permutations in JavaScript

Carrie Cousins explains 10 things should know about responsive design from big picture to the actual implementation.
Ten things you need to know about responsive design

Eric Bidelman released a Shadow DOM visualizer project to help people with difficult concepts in understanding Shadow DOM.
Visualizing Shadow DOM Concepts

Eric Bidelman shows how you can encapsulate styles into your web components.
Shadow DOM 201 - CSS and Styling

Chris Wilson and Paul Kinlan look at how touch is becoming part of the desktop experience and how to use browser features to combine mouse and touch input.
Touch And Mouse - Together Again For The First Time

Juan Brujo creates some very cool shadow effects using HTML and CSS (actually HAML and LESS).
CSS text-shadow effects

Paulina Hetman demonstrates how to create a select element alternative built and styled with just CSS.
Css-only Alternative to the Select Element

Libraries and Frameworks

Joe Zim shows how he uses RequireJS to lazy load JavaScript files within event handlers or the Backbone router.
Lazy Loading JavaScript with RequireJS

Ryan Anklam looks at jQuery queues for adding a sequence of functions to be executed in a particular order.
Exploring jQuery Queues

Jerome Etienne posts an experiment using headtrackr.js and three.js to do head tracking in the browser.
Move a Cube With Your Head or Head-Tracking with WebGL

Thomas Park shows how you can customize Bootstrap to suit your needs, from styling buttons to full themes.
Customizing Bootstrap

Louis Lazaris discusses techniques for writing modular CSS with Media Queries, with and without Sass.
Modular CSS with Media Queries and Sass

Rey Bango covers core concepts, terminology and setup to get started with Ember.
Getting Into Ember.js

Alex Young continues his tutorial series, this time covering customizing the Bootstrap UI for the sample application.
Backbone.js Tutorial: Customising the UI


Rob Lauer shows how you can write your first Firefox OS native app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Writing your first Firefox OS app

Great advice from Andrew Trice on the performance and UX considerations that can lead to a successful PhoneGap app.
Performance & UX Considerations For Successful PhoneGap Apps

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

YUI 3.9.0 includes responsive grids, a new tree module, new promises module, refactors graphics and charts and more.
Announcing YUI 3.9.0

Node v0.10.0 (Stable) includes the new Streams2 API and the domain module elevated from experimental to unstable.
Node v0.10.0 (Stable)

ngInfiniteScroll is a directive that will implement infinite scrolling in AngularJS applications.
ngInfiniteScroll - Infinite Scrolling for AngularJS

ColtJS is a modular framework based on RequireJS that includes templating, routing, event binding and more.
ColtJS Modular Framework


Sarah Hunt explains the new support for CSS built-in filters in Adobe Edge Animate 1.5.
What's in a filter?

James Padolsey shares how he created an experiment to build a simpler alternative to HTML marup.
Building SIML: A new markup language

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