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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS - Week of April 29, 2013

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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS - Week of April 29, 2013

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As usual, a number of great posts this past week with no particularly discernible trend. Hopefully everyone attending Adobe MAX, which kicks off today, is having a great time. I am wishing I were there (this is my first time missing since joining Adobe).


Joshua Bader shares a cool effect that uses CSS and JavaScript to create a 3D effect on items that adjusts as the page is scrolled.
3D Inset Parallax Effect

Steve Faulkner explains how you should mark up subheadings, subtitles, alternative titles and taglines now that the hgroup is obsolete.
How to mark up subheadings, subtitles, alternative titles and taglines

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer continues his series on JavaScript quirks by discussing how to handle parameters to a function.
JavaScript quirk 5: parameter handling

Hugo Giraudel shows how to combine CSS counters and the figure element to automatically number figures in a web page.
Automatic Figure Numbering with CSS Counters

Molly Holzschlag posts a good, thorough overview of the HTML5 canvas.
All About HTML5 <canvas>

Horia Olaru discusses Chromium Embedded Framework as a cross-platform way to display HTML content in a desktop app.
The Chromium Embedded Framework

Terrence Ryan shows how to recreate an interactive Facebook Chatheads interface entirely in HTML and CSS.
Facebook Chatheads in CSS

Libraries and Frameworks

Burke Holland tells you the 5 things you should stop doing with jQuery. Are you doing them?
5 Things You Should Stop Doing With jQuery

Learn how to fire up customizable local web servers on NodeJS and use Edge Inspect for easy local and device web app testing.
Quick and Easy Local and Device Web App Testing

Rod Vagg shows how to use a LevelDB data store within your Node app.
LevelDB and Node: Getting Up and Running

Pamela Fox explains the issues she was having with Backbone widgets and history management and how she used jQuery BBQ to resolve them.
Managing history in Backbone widgets with jQuery BBQ

Rey Bango continues his Ember tutorial series with this part focusing on using Handlebars to define the interface.
Getting Into Ember: Part 4

Garann Means explains how to use Node to easily mock up the front and back end of applications.
Node at Work: A Walkthrough

Addy Osmani shows how you can use Grunt and grunt-traceur to author In ES6 and transpile to ES5.
Author In ES6, Transpile To ES5 As A Build-step: A Workflow For Grunt


Raymond Camden demonstrates how to use progress event to display the status of a file transfer in PhoneGap apps.
Using the Progress event in PhoneGap file transfers

Jim Cowart starts a series exploring how to detect and manage online/offline connectivity in web/mobile applications.
Is This Thing On? (Part 1)

Raymond Camden explores the variety of notification options on PhoneGap for iOS.
Visual comparisons of PhoneGap Notification UIs

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

Outside of bug fixes, Cordova 2.7 includes new features to the InAppBrowser.
What's new in Cordova iOS 2.7.0

Intern is intended to be a versatile, easy-to-use, standards-based browser testing stack for JavaScript.
Intern: A next-generation JavaScript testing stack

Gallery CSS is a pure HTML and CSS gallery (as in, no JavaScript).
Gallery CSS

grunt-webfont will generate custom icon webfonts from SVG/EPS files via Grunt.

Sco.js is a Bootstrap extension that aims to improve upon some of the existing components.
Sco.js : a twitter bootstrap javascript extension

The Brackets Sprint 24 build is a major release with advanced JavaScript intelligence, Quick View and much more.
Brackets Sprint 24 Build

The iio Engine is an app framework for HTML5 that is built with canvas and JavaScript and interfaces with Box2D.
iio Engine


The latest issue of Appliness featuring tons of tutorials and an interview with Faruk Ates.
May Issue with Faruk Ates!

Starling.js is a JavaScript and HTML5 canvas port of the popular Flash game framework and is coming soon.
Introducing Starling.js

Catch up on April's HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Mobile Content on Flippin' Awesome.
April's HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Mobile Content on Flippin' Awesome


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