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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS - Week of May 6, 2013

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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS - Week of May 6, 2013

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While there were a lot of great tutorials and new projects, as expected, this week, only one new project has the ability to thoroughly transform a common interaction with the browser and web pages. This project, of course, is fartscroll.js by the Onion. Enoy!


Alex Grande shares lessons from his own experience for tacklng web design as developer.
Web Design Tips for Developers

Zoltan Hawryluk shows how you can create a cross-browser image gallery that sits behind a clipped image using polyclip.js.
Creating Image Galleries with Clipped Images Using CSS Pointer Events and SVG

Aaron Hardy discusses the concepts of dependency injection and inversion of control containers in JavaScript.
Dependency Injection And IoC Containers

David Walsh shows how to have external JavaScript script get properties from its own script tag.
Referencing a Script’s Own Tag

Paul Lewis discusses what can trigger painting in the browser, and how you can prevent unnecessary paints.
Avoiding Unnecessary Paints

Dudley Storey explains how to use the CSS :empty selector and some potential use cases for it.
Vanishing Acts: The CSS :empty Selector

Sayanee Basu explores ten new features coming in ECMAScript 6.
Use ECMAScript 6 Today

Dominic Szablewski wrote an MPEG1 Video Decoder in JavaScript as a fun experiment and shares his experience.
MPEG1 Video Decoder in JavaScript

Chris Coyier shows techniques to create line clamping, whereby text is limited to a certain number of lines, using CSS and JavaScript.
Line Clampin'

Pedro Botelho creates a semo that showcases a ton of page transition effects using CSS animations.
A Collection of Page Transitions

Libraries and Frameworks

Excellent and thorough walkthrough of RequireJS fundamentals by Burke Holland.
RequireJS Fundamentals

Dan Riti discusses TBone, a Backbone extension to remove the complexity of manually managing data dependencies.
Relieve Event Binding Aches in Backbone.js

David Graunke demonstrates how to build a simple spreadsheet application in 20 minutes using Angular.js.
Building a Spreadsheet in 20 Minutes with Angular.js

Alex Young continues his AngularJS tutorial series building a feed reader with this edition focused on data binding.
AngularJS: Managing Feeds

Ben Nadel shares HashKeyCopier, an AngularJS utility class he created for merging cached and live data.
HashKeyCopier - An AngularJS Utility Class For Merging Cached And Live Data


Jim Cowart explains finite state machines and they can help manage online/offline capabilities in your mobile app.
Is This Thing On? (Part 2)

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

As the name implies, CSS Modal are modal windows built in pure CSS.
CSS Modal

Easywebworker has an API intended to make it easily execute web worker functions from the browser.

Simplify.js is a JavaScript 2D/3D polyline simplification library to boost performance while retaining line shape.
Simplify.js - a high-performance JavaScript 2D/3D polyline simplification library

Two.js is a 2D drawing api that is renderer agnostic, meaning you can use the same api tfor svg, canvas, and webgl.

Version 2 of the soma.js framework includes dependency injection.
soma.js v2 write scalable javascript apps

Swarm is a JavaScript real-time model sync library that uses WebSocket in the browser and node.js on the server.
Swarm: real-time model sync library

Dookie is a library built on top of the Stylus CSS preprocessor and provides useful mixins, utilities and functions.
Dookie css library

For those of you that think JavaScript stinks, the Onion has created Fartscroll.js.
fartscroll.js by theonion


Raymond Camden updates his Edge Inspect Viewer app built with Node, Express and Topcoat.
Update to my Edge Inspect Viewer

Some really great advice from Peter Cooper on how to promote your libraries and code projects.
How to Spread The Word About Your Code

The Adobe Web Platform team open sources a demo app that showcases CSS Custom Filters.
Custom Filters Demo App Available on GitHub

Adobe explores the future of digital layout using content from National Geographic.
Adobe Explores the Future of Responsive Digital Layout with National Geographic Content

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