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Best of DZone: Agile and Project Management

We can all do better in our day-to-day work. Whether you're a project manager or a developer, we've compiled our best articles on being effective in your team.

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Getting Started

A Short Guide on How to Get Started With Agile Project Management by Evgen Domch: Get started with your first Agile project using this step-by-step guide that will walk you through every aspect of the process

Top 40 Project Management Terms and Concepts of 2019 by Fred Wilson: This large list of terms and jargon from project management can serve as a great reference for management and teams beginning their Agile journey.

Everything You Need to Know About S-Curve in Project Management by Fred Wilson: Business is dependent on various calculations and varying factors that change over time. Find out more about tools used to track these calculations and factors.

Role of Task Dependencies in Project Management by Sandeep Kashyap: Learn what a minimum viable product is, and the role of task dependencies in project management and the benefits of them.

Who's Who

Product Owner vs. Product Manager vs. Project Manager Explained by Steve Parker: This article goes in-depth explaining the different responsibilities that the Product Manager, Product Owner, and Project Manager have in a product lifecycle.

Program Manager Vs Project Manager: An Analysis from Cursory Perspective by Fred Wilson: The terms ''Program manager'' and ''Project manager'' coincide with one another, but there are a lot of key differences at a minuscule level.


Agile Framework Comparison: Scrum vs Kanban vs Lean vs XP by Alesia Krush: We take a look at four of the most popular Agile frameworks, Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, and Lean, and compare the pros and cons of each style of work.

Battle of PM Methodologies – Waterfall vs Agile vs Scrum by Liubomyr (El.) Kachur: Between Agile methods and the traditional waterfall method, it can be a little difficult to decide. This article gives a quick rundown of the pros and cons of each.

Agile Project Management Explained – A Beginner’s Guide by Steve Parker: Adopting Agile and incorporating it into your project management process creates a tighter and continuous product life cycle and keep you ready for change.

The SDLC and Project Management

A Complete Guide to the Project Management Lifecycle by Swatee Chand: This article breaks down the typical project management lifecycle into its four phases of Initiation, Planning, Executing, and Closure and elaborates on each.

Organizational and Team Culture

3 Steps to Creating An Engineering Culture by Linda Bovaird: Creating your company's culture puts you in control of the mindset that is proliferated throughout the company. Here's how to establish an effective culture.

Your Three-Step Ladder to a Successful Tech Startup Team by Daryna Kacherovska: Your Three-Step Ladder to a Successful Tech Startup Team — Find a Chief Technology Officer and a Project Manager, Outline Project Documentation and Timeline

Self-Organized Teams

How Does Leadership Fit Into Self-Organizing Teams? by Gil Zilberfeld: For self-organizing teams to thrive, identify potential leaders, prepare them for promotion by teaching them, and then help them grow their teams to be effective.

What a Self-Organizing Team Is (Not) by Esther Derby: Self-organizing teams are not teams gone mad. Like all teams, they need a compelling goal, skills, information, and enough time to form and perform.


Technical Leadership in Software Companies by Deepak KaranthThe author gives highlights of a recent talk about software leadership, the psyche of developers, and how to lead.

Are You Being a Servant Leader? by John VesterJohn Vester explains the concept of servant leadership, building upon Skip Prichard's nine qualities to help us all become better leaders.

How to Be an Effective Leader, According to Google by Sarah Goff-Dupont: Google tells readers how to be an effective reader; including giving good feedback, show consideration for team members


Team Accountability and Agile by Mike Cottmeyer: Team accountability is an interesting, large topic that gets skipped over quite often in our agile community. Here's my attempt at fixing that.


The Time I Wore a Bulls Eye by John Vester: Communication is a lot easier with a receptive audience. See what this unpopular consultant did to get a team of middle managers to drop their guards.

4 Ways Programmers Can Improve Their Communication Skills by Katheriin Liibert: This article describes four practices or patterns that developers can use to improve their communication skill through reflective listening and other techniques.


Cost of Delay: Why You Should Care by Johanna Rothman: Delays in completing your software project are costly. Like, really costly.

How to Apply Critical Path Method in Software Project Management by Paul Kukhnavets: Visualization and geographic relationships are two of the key advantages of using the Critical Path Method to map all essential and dependent project elements.

Measuring Success

60 Important Business Metrics Your Company Must Know by Fred Wilson: 60 Important Business Metrics Your Company Must Know — What are business metrics and how to best use them?

Measuring Productivity Of Your Software Development Team With Agile Metrics by Graham Church: Measuring Productivity Of Your Software Development Team With Agile Metrics — Hitting Task Goals: Sprint Burndown Reports, Velocity: Story Point Tracking

17 Metrics for Modern Dev Leaders by Ariel Illouz: Learn the software metrics that help accelerate delivery, maintain a positive culture, and translate dev activity to business value.

Velocity is the Most Dangerous Metric for Dev Teams by Dan Lines: Agile Velocity is arguably the most popular software development metric in the world. It's a very powerful metric when used for individual team sprint capacity.

What I Learned Talking to 45 CISOs About DevSecOps by Matt Howard: From a recent series of round table conversations with dozens of CISOs, Sonatype shares what they learned about how CISOs view DevSecOps.


6 Best Gantt Chart Software for Project Management by Fred Wilson: Learn more about Gantt charts and their usefulness, then take a look at some of the tools on the market with built in support and integrations for Gantt charts.

Project Management Techniques and Tools Made Simple by Arina Katrycheva: Take a look at the most common project management techniques and tools, including Agile, Waterfall, and others, that might be best depending on your project.

5 of the Best Free Monday Alternatives (formerly DaPulse) by Fred Wilson: A list of five Monday.com alternative project management websites with their feature offerings and pricing for individual, business, and enterprise users.

The Best Scrum Tools of 2019 for Agile Project Management by Fred Wilson: As the most popular framework of the Agile methodology, it's no surprise that Scrum has a number of tools for developers to choose from for project management.

The 8 Best Excel Alternatives for Project Management and Spreadsheets by Fred Wilson: Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program is the most popular of its kind, but with other programs for both project management and spreadsheets, its not the only one.

Project Management Tools are Plan-First, Not Develop-First. 3 Solutions. by Dan Lines: This blog is not about how Jira is too complex and over-engineered with features I don't need. Those complaints are well articulated by others like Justin Ja...

10 Project Management Tools for Startups by Eric Smith: Project management tools are an important part of every company's success, and even more so for startups. Here are some tools that could help.


Is JIRA a Counterproductive Project Management Software In Today’s Market? by Fred Wilson: Without knowledge on the software and a strong leader, programs like JIRA can be unsuccessful, and give the program itself a bad reputation.

32 Best Jira Alternatives For Agile Project Management Teams In 2020 [Free and Paid] by Momchil Koychev: If you are searching for an easy-to-use Jira alternative that comes with a free plan, this detailed article will list 32 of the best Jira alternatives.

Effective Jira Test Case Management by Parimal Kumar: Here are some tips on using Jira effectively to manage test cases, including some of the common anti-patterns you might encounter.

Agile and All Its Friends 

What Are the Differences Between Traditional, Agile, and Lean Project Management? by Christie Marsh: This article discusses the benefits of tying Lean and Six Sigma principles into an Agile IT project management environment.


The Ideal Burndown Chart by Reinout Korbee: The author explains how the "Ideal Burndown" chart is a flawed theory, and if your Scrum team is working effectively the chart will look completely different.

Being Better 

Scaling Business Agility: Three Essential Pillars for Being vs Doing Agile by Ramesh Manickavel: The larger organizations grow, the greater the need to scale up Agile methodologies. Take a look at the principle tenets needed as you look to expand Agile.

How to Use the Risk Assessment Matrix in Project Management by Fred Wilson: Take a more accurate and data-driven approach to your risk assessment by using a risk matrix to get a clear idea of the potential impact of identifiable risks.

Agile Planning: Always Plan for a Product, Not a Project! by Sivasankari Rajkumar: Agile planning should focus more on developing a product that provides value to the customer rather than on completing the project and proceeding to the next.

Stand-Up 2.0: It's Time to Ditch the Daily from 1993 by Dan Lines: We don’t need a meeting to share status updates that could be a Slack message. I’m proposing a new framework for the daily stand-up.

Mistakes and Anti-Patterns

10 Common Scrum Mistakes and How to Avoid Them by Dwight KingdonScrum is often the most easily-abused Agile practice, because it can be seen as an easy way out. Here are 10 shortcuts that should be skipped.

Three Reasons Agile Will Not Succeed by Dave BushAn Agile practitioner explains for personal experience with different companies and Agile teams why Agile is doomed to fail.

Being a Boss

Role of Project Manager in Data Science by Ramesh Manickavel: A look at how the use of data science and big data tools and techniques can help project managers better track and deliver on their development projects.

Promoted from Dev to Team Lead: 8 Things They Didn’t Tell Me by Dan Lines: I was 24 years old. A baby. Three years into my software engineering career and loving it. Life was great. I lived in a small apartment in Southie Boston wit...

Enablement Over Facilitation: 5 Essentials to Be a Great Scrum Master by Anusha Kalvala: An Agile practitioner and a Scrum Master discuss five important considerations to keep in mind in order to perform the role of Scrum Master as best you can.

The Keys to Making Important Technical Decisions by Anghel Leonard: Software developers and companies make important technical decisions everyday, but often without understanding how to make and prioritize them Learn how here.

6 Project Management Lessons from Game of Thrones – 2019 (Spoilers) by Steve Parker: Lessons about project management can come from the most unlikely of sources, including HBO's Game of Thrones. Take a look at what you should know before winter comes.

Managers That Code by Yoav Cohen: Make sure to keep coding, even as you rise through the ranks. Here are some benefits to team leads, managers, and even officers to keep coding.

Take the Shortest Path to Success in Project Management by Richard Kick: Whether through experience or certification, or a mix of both, here are some tips that will help you become a solid project manager.

Being an Employee

20 Leaders' Thoughts on What Makes Great Java Devs by Angela Stringfellow: Get a glimpse at what 20 dev leaders, recruiters, and companies thing Java devs need to know and do, from networking to side projects, in order to succeed.

Are You a Team Player? by John Vester: After working on one of the most complicated projects of his career, a Zone Leader talks about the things he looks when placing members on his team.

Scrum Master, You Are the Leader Without Authority: Can You Please Assure Success? by : Leadership and authority used to consistently coexist — learn how to be successful in an appointed leadership role like Scrum Master.


7 Things Your Boss Doesn’t Get About Software Development by John Sonmez: Does your boss not seem to understand your job? Here's a list to help better understand why your boss doesn't understand software development.

Managers and Agile: Where Do I Fit In? by Dwight Kingdon: Agile is about self-organizing teams, isn’t it? As a Manager, what does that mean for me? Should I fear for my job?


10 Classic Software Development Books for Programmers by Jo Stichbury: Every professional has their list of go-to books, and software programmers are no different. Check out this list of 10 books that will make you a better developer.

Top Project Management Courses to Boost Your Career Opportunities by Marina Pilipenko: These courses, both paid and free, are offered by a number of institutions to educate aspiring, beginning, and established project managers. Take a look here.

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