Best of DZone: It's Always Spring Time in the Integration Zone

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Best of DZone: It's Always Spring Time in the Integration Zone

As the weather outside gets cold and dreary, let's warm ourselves with the thought of Spring (and integrating software!).

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Spring and Spring Boot are two of the most popular frameworks for working with the Java language. But, like anything else, when you integrate them with other technologies, problems can arise. With that in mind, we put together a list of the most popular integration articles that deal with Spring and Spring Boot over the last several years. 

Spring and Spring Boot Integration Tutorials on DZone

  • How to Use Spring REST Template to Post Data to a Web Service by Johnathan Mark Smith. In this quick tutorial, a developer shows us all the code we need to post data to a RESTful web service using Java and Spring. 
  • Exception Handling in Spring REST Service by Roshan Thomas. We walk through the four main ways of dealing with those annoying exceptions that pop up in your code when developing with Spring REST services, namely: 
    • @ResponseEntity 
    • @ResponseStatus 
    • Custom methods (@ExceptionHandler and @ResponseStatus
    • Returning an error representation instead of the default HTML error page.
  • How Does Spring @Transactional Really Work? by Vasco Ferreira C. If you can't answer that question, don't worry, we've got you covered! Vasco takes us on a deep dive into the Java language to explore how Spring transaction management really works. 
  • Unit and Integration Tests in Spring Boot by Lucas Saldanha. Unit tests are great when you need to test your code often or work in a TDD-based environment. In this post, you'll learn how to separate Spring from your business logic, how to test Spring data repositories and Spring MVC controllers, and some basic integration tests techniques. 

DZone Publications on Integration

  • The DZone Guide to API Management: Comparative Views of Real-World Design featuring articles by Elmer Thomas, Nuwan Dias, Guy Levin, Fernando Doglio, Mike Stowe, Tom Smith, and John Vester. Discover what you need to know about the state of API management and enterprise integration. This guide explores API design, integration best practices, and securing APIs. Significant developments in microservices architectures, application security, and API design best practices require the latest knowledge of integrating systems. Learn how Integration is changing with the times. The 2018 Guide to API Management explores the API design, integration best practices and securing APIs.
  • Getting Started With Spring Boot and Microservices: Enhancing the Benefits of Microservices as an Architectural Pattern by Neil Stevenson. As beneficial as it is to use a microservice architectural approach, there are still downsides and obstacles to face. This Refcard will show you how to incorporate Spring Boot and Hazelcast IMDG into a microservices platform, how to enhance the benefits of the microservices landscape, and how to alleviate the drawbacks of utilizing this method.

Spring and Spring Boot Documentation

If this article has piqued your interest in tackling integration problems with Spring and Spring Boot, then click those links to check out the official documentation sets for both frameworks. 

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