Best of DZone: Java Tutorials for Beginners, Experts, and Everyone In Between

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Best of DZone: Java Tutorials for Beginners, Experts, and Everyone In Between

In this post, we get back to our roots as Javalobby and serve up the best articles and publications DZone has to offer on the subject of Java.

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Java is the biggest programming language in the world, with applications in web development, database engineering, data engineering... really any kind of development. But it's important to stay fresh on the basics as well. To that end, we've compiled the most popular articles and publications on the Java language available on DZone. 

Best of DZone: A Hot Cup of Java (Tutorials)

  • How HashMap Works in Java by Jackson Joseraj. We peel back the layers and look at the code that makes HashMaps in Java work. If you geek out over how code works at a low-level, this post is for you. 

  • When to Use Abstract Class and Interface by Akash Deep. A quick discussion and demonstration of theabstract class and interface method in Java. Whether you're new to Java or looking to dust off some of the rust, this post is a great tutorial. 

  • ArrayList vs. LinkedList vs. Vector by Ryan Wang. A quick tutorial on how to incorporate these Java classes into your code, and the programming situation for which each is best suited. 

  • Random Number Generation in Java by John Thompson. One of the first things any developer learns is how to randomly generate a number. And for good reason! Random number generation allows you to become comfortable working with logic in code. Read on to make your random number generator and get your lottery numbers!

  • Java String Format Examples by Jay Sridhar. After finding the official documentation surrounding Java's string formatter rather convoluted, this developer set out to simplify things for his fellow coders. In this post, we run through string formatting, format specifiers, date and time formatting, and how to format an integer. We hope this posts compliments the docs and helps you become a formatting master.

DZone Publications on Java

  • DZone Guide to Java: Features, Improvements, and Updates featuring articles by Simon Wirtz, Trisha Gee, Justin Albano, Dustin Marx, Reza Rahman, Markus Eisele, and Tom Smith. Ever since James Gosling introduced Java to the world in the mid-nineties, this programming language has held a special place in the technical world. With its simple nature, outstanding community, and extraordinary ecosystem of libraries and utilities, it’s no surprise that it remains the most popular programming language. Oracle's change to a six-month release cadence can make it difficult to keep up with the current state of Java, but we’d like to catch you up and prepare you for the future with updates on Java 9 and 10 releases, what’s new with Java EE, and an exploration into null-safety in Kotlin and Java.
  • Java Containerization by Rafael Benevides and Amjad Afanah. This Refcard focuses on the design, deployment, service discovery, and management of Java applications on the open-source project called Docker so that you can get your Java application up and running inside a Docker-deployed Linux container. Expand your knowledge with extensive code snippets, informative diagrams, and workflow tips.
  • Core Java Concurrency by Igor Sorokin and Alex Miller. This Refcard will help Java developers working with multi-threaded programs to understand core concurrency concepts and how to apply them. Overview the key aspects of the Java language and get references on the core library.

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