Best of DZone: Tutorials on Spring and Spring Boot

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Best of DZone: Tutorials on Spring and Spring Boot

In this this post, we take a look at great tutorials on the widely popular Spring and Spring Boot frameworks for Java-based software development.

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No matter the Zone in which it appears, Spring and Spring Boot has always proved an exceedingly popular topic among our audience. Due to this popularity, we've gone back and created this compendium of the most popular articles about Spring and Spring Boot that appeared in the Java Zone

Spring and Spring Boot

Spring Into Action! Tutorials on Spring and Spring Boot

  • Spring Framework: @RestController vs. @Controller by Srivatsan Sundararajan. We dive into the architecture behind the scenes of the Spring framework, as well as the Java code you'll need to implement these two annotations. 

  • Why Spring Boot? by Siva Prasad Reddy Katamreddy. We take a look at the basic three configurations of a Spring Boot application (XML-based, Annotation-based, and JavaConfig-based) before coding up a simple web application using Spring Boot, Spring MVC, and JPA. 

  • Spring Data (Park 5): Paging and Sorting by Shamik Mitra. A tutorial on implementing pagination and data sorting using the Spring Data framework. If you like this article, be sure to check the others in the series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4). 

  • Creating a Spring Boot Project With Eclipse and Maven by Ranga Karanam. An experienced Java developer walks you through the creation of a basic Spring Boot project, step-by-step. He covers everything you need to know about Maven, Spring Boot, and the Eclipse IDE. 

  • Spring Boot + JPA + Hibernate + Oracle by Hussein Terek. Succinct and to the point, just like the title, this post walks us through developing a Spring Boot application that can pull data, via Hibernate, from an Oracle-based data source. Read + Learn + Enjoy!

DZone Publications on Java

  • DZone Guide to Java: Features, Improvements, and Updates featuring articles by Simon Wirtz, Trisha Gee, Justin Albano, Dustin Marx, Reza Rahman, Markus Eisele, and Tom Smith. Ever since James Gosling introduced Java to the world in the mid-nineties, this programming language has held a special place in the technical world. With its simple nature, outstanding community, and extraordinary ecosystem of libraries and utilities, it’s no surprise that it remains the most popular programming language. Oracle's change to a six-month release cadence can make it difficult to keep up with the current state of Java, but we’d like to catch you up and prepare you for the future with updates on Java 9 and 10 releases, what’s new with Java EE, and an exploration into null-safety in Kotlin and Java.

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