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Best Practices for Writing Cloud Code

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Best Practices for Writing Cloud Code

Trying to write custom cloud code just to see it collapse during execution? Let's examine some best practices when developing for the cloud.

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Many of our customers at ShepHertz have written custom cloud code and encountered performance issues once they hit the production. A particularly common problem was that their cloud code was throwing error code 1904 (Execution Time Threshold Exception). Any custom code must be executed within 10 seconds — otherwise, it will be killed and the client will receive the 1904 error code. But don't worry! Here are a few guidelines that will help you in optimizing your custom cloud code so that you can avoid these time-out exceptions.

Avoid Too Many Server API Calls

We have seen the instances where too many cloud API calls were made within a single flow of custom code. More API calls will result in more latency and will cascade to the Execution Time Threshold Exception. Ideally, there should no be more than 3-4 API calls per custom cloud code.

Avoid Too Many Conditions in Single Query for Storage

There are some instances where storage queries were written with 10-15 conditional operators in a single storage query. Putting too many conditions in a single query will result in latency and, hence, might result in the Execution Time Threshold Exception. For example, say you're finding docs where name=nick and age >30 and country=US and gender=Male and so on. Ideally, there should not be more than 3-4 conditional operators in a single query.

Using Static Variable Does Not Make Any Difference

Your deployed custom code runs in different clusters. Using static variables will not improve performance. Also, you should not use this variable as a global variable to calculate something because it will result in inconsistent results.

Keep an Eye on Metering Data

You should keep an eye on metering data and look for the execution time for your custom code. If it is continuously going above 5 seconds, it means you need to re-examine and optimize it for better performance.

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