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Best Tools For Developers To Minify Javascript

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Best Tools For Developers To Minify Javascript

When trying to get your JavaScript to run or download faster, sometimes all you need is a nice clean up. These tools will help you simplify your code so it can run great.

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Put succinctly, minifying is the technique of removing the unnecessary characters from the source code. This is also known as code compression and minimization. A lot of production websites and their office telephone system are using JavaScript minification, but it has its own technique to compress scripts into smaller tracks. In order to execute different difficult tasks successfully, web developers get tremendous benefits from great JavaScript minifying tools. In the development tasks, these enhanced JavaScript minifying tools assist developers and help in improving the code. Minifying your source code will improve load time and also the performance of web applications. Here are some of my favorite:

YUI Compressor

This is a command line tool printed in Java and expanded by Yahoo. If you want to minify quickly, the YUI compressor is a great fit for your needs. It is 100% secure and gives an elevated compression ratio as compared to other tools.


Packers is another well-known Java minifying tool. It automatically creates the compressed version of your code. Just paste the code and hit the pack button. It can go beyond regular compression and add advanced, on-the-fly decompression with the JavaScript runtime piece.

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JS Min

Unnecessary comments and white space from the JavaScript files can be eliminated easily by using JS Min. It reduces the file size by half, resulting in faster downloads. It also encourages a more expressive programming style because it eliminates the download cost of clean literate self-documentation.

Dojo Shrinks Safe

It is another compressor that parses the JavaScript using the Rhino library and crunches the local variable name. The size of your script can be naturally trimmed down, thus allowing it to rely on the programming style. It will never change the public variable and API, which means you can drop down the compression version of the JavaScript into the page without changing any code.

Google Closure Compiler

If you want to formulate your JavaScript to download and run extremely fast, the Google Closure compiler is a great tool for you. This tool eradicates the dull code, evaluates it, rewrites it, and also diminishes the leftovers. It also checks the syntax, variable references, and types, and warns you about common JavaScript pitfalls. It is the true compiler for JavaScript.

Ajaxmin UI

Ajexmin UI can superbly minifies files into folders as well as nested folders. It can even minimize the individual JavaScript files, charge the minifier in the background, and open up the productive folder when the minifier finishes running.

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