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The Best of the Week (Apr. 25): SQL Zone

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The Best of the Week (Apr. 25): SQL Zone

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Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the SQL Zone (Apr. 25 to May 1). Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. Groovy Database Resource Handling

This post contains a simple example of using Groovy Categories to help manage the resource management of database connections. There are a lot more robust solutions (ie: GORM), but sometimes you only need a quick implementation.

2. NoSQL? No, SQL! – How to Calculate Running Totals

If only we Java developers knew how easy and how much fun it can be to replace thousands of lines of erroneous Java code with five lines of SQL. Don’t believe it? Check this out.

3. SQLStats Plugin Version 1.4 Released

The author has released version 1.4 of his sqlstats plugin for MySQL and MariaDB. As of this version, he focused on testing with MariaDB, but it should work with MySQL also. In addition, he has now made the code a bit more portable by removing some features that depended on the THD struct.

4. How to Leverage SQL Server with Node.js Using Edge.js

The author has looked at Node.js many times over the past few years. It’s hard to ignore all the attention it has received. Unfortunately, being heavily invested in Microsoft technology, one of the reasons he has never got very far in learning Node.js is its lack of support for SQL Server. One solution is Edge.js.

5. NuoDB for .NET Takes Another Step

We will soon be releasing NuoDB 2.0.4 and this release will include support for the latest ADO.NET provider. As the ADO.NET world evolves, especially the Entity Framework (EF), we here at NuoDB are not standing by but are moving the driver forward as well.

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