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The Best of the Week (Feb. 6): Mobile Zone

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The Best of the Week (Feb. 6): Mobile Zone

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Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Mobile Zone (January 30 - February 06). Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. Getting Started with iOS Development Using Eclipse and Java

  • Want to use Eclipse to build an on-device mobile application that runs on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads)? No problem - here is a step by step demo on how to do this. Oh, and by the way the same app will function also on Android without any changes to the code.

2. Xamarin Forms for Windows Phone Devs - Dependency Injection

  • If you’re already worked with Windows Phone and Windows Store applications and, especially, with the MVVM pattern, you should be familiar with the dependency injectionconcept. In a typical application, when you need to use a class, you simply create a new instance.

3. Announcing the Beta Release of the Telerik Mobile Cloud Testing Platform

  • The challenge of testing mobile apps is one that faces every mobile development team as well as companies attempting to produce thoroughly tested software for multiple mobile devices. Compounding the already difficult task of testing various screen sizes and hardware capabilities, testing compiled mobile apps presents a challenge in the installation procedure.

4. Building an RSS Reader for Android (RIP Google Reader)

  • This tutorial will walk through building an RSS reader on the Android platform (focusing on 3.0 + as it will be using Fragments). All the code is available as a complete, working Android app that you can fork/download and fire up straight away on a compatible Android device/emulator.

5. Two Million Particles at 25 Frames Per Second on an iPad

  • Following on from my last post where I managed to calculate and render over 1,000,000 particles in realtime, I've done some pretty effective tweaking of the code to create an app that calculates and renders (with blur and trails) over 2,000,000 particles at around 25 frames per second on my iPad Air 2.

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